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Christmas donation to a Latvian orphanage

Christmas donation 2014


This tradition is close to our hearts: for many years now, we have made a donation to a charitable project in a country in which we operate foreign subsidiaries at Christmas time. We donate 100 euros per foreign subsidiary – so with the current total of 40, 4,000 euros have been donated in 2014.


This year, our donation went to the orphanage and children’s social centre in Gaujiena, Latvia. Music is an important aspect of the educational approach there, however the state-funded facility’s budget for additional musical instruments is unfortunately very small. We are therefore delighted that our donation could be used to purchase several new instruments.




International donations at Christmas

True to tradition, in 2013 we will once more be donating €100 to a charitable organisation on behalf of each of the 39 HANSA-FLEX companies outside Germany. In addition in the first quarter of 2014 we will be opening a new branch in Chile, which is already included in this year's Christmas donation. The result is an amount of €4000, which we will be donating to the “Helping Hands UAE” organisation.


Helping Hands UAE is a charitable organisation which has the aim of helping underpaid or unpaid foreign workers in the United Arab Emirates. These often work seven days a week and receive USD 135 a month as a rule, but often they have to wait months for their pay. Helping Hands UAE provides these penniless workers with food and clothing, helping them to get through the periods when they go unpaid. With our donation we will support this organisation in carrying on with its important work.


HANSA-FLEX has been operating an overseas company in the United Arab Emirate's since 2004. This is why we feel a special commitment towards this region and wish to extend a helping hand to it in the form of our donation.

International Christmas Donation

In place of the conventional Christmas presents we traditionally make a donation at Christmas to a charitable institution - €100 for each country in which HANSA-FLEX has a subsidiary. As HANSA-FLEX is now represented in 40 countries, this makes a total of €4,000, which we are pleased to announce will be donated this year to the Children´s Cancer Center of Lebanon.

The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), established in Beirut, is a unique regional center for the comprehensive treatment of pediatric cancer. The CCCL depends on donations, and its ability to fulfil its mission is constrained by the availability of funds at its disposal. The CCCL covers all costs of care beyond those reimbursable by third party payments and the total costs when the latter are not available. The organisation supports all children with cancer and their families through securing funds to ensure access to the latest treatment, regardless of ability to pay. They also deliver psychosocial services to help fight the disease and are providing education to create better understanding and awareness.

Lebanon was recovering after years of disturbances but is now affected by the unstable situation in Syria. Therefore we find it important to support a NGO in this country. Our relationships to Lebanon are reaching back to 1997 when we established a partnership with the company Chaghoury in Chekka. Chaghoury distributes HANSA-FLEX products and services for 15 years now and is known as a reliable partner to our company.


HANSA-FLEX AG celebrates big summer party

Handover of donation to the Jona children's hospice

Bremen, 16 July 2012. On Saturday, 14 July 2012 - in the year of it's 50th anniversary - the HANSA-FLEX AG celebrated a big summer party on the grounds of the company headquarters in Bremen-Mahndorf. The celebration was attended by over 800 employees, customers and friends of the system supplier to the hydraulics industry.

Sparkasse Bremen opted not to present the management board with the otherwise obligatory anniversary gifts, but instead made a donation to HANSA-FLEX in the amount of EUR 500. The management board of the hydraulics company matched this amount and handed over a donation cheque of EUR 1,000 to Ms. Phipps, representing the Jona children's hospice in Bremen, while the party was still under way. The same institution also received a donation from HANSA-FLEX in 2010, when the profits from a trainee bring-and-buy sale were also doubled with a generous contribution from the management board.

In honour of this very special day, Mr Volkmar, the Area Director of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce, presented management board members Thomas Armerding and Uwe Buschmann with a certificate of congratulation commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of HANSA-FLEX AG.

Mr. Volkmar Herr (middle) of the chmaber of commerce of Bremenhands the certifcate to the memebers of the board Thomas Armerding (right) and Uwe Buschmann(left).
Mr. Volkmar Herr (middle) of the chmaber of commerce of Bremenhands the certifcate to the memebers of the board Thomas Armerding (right) and Uwe Buschmann(left).
Mr. Uwe Buschmann (left) hands Mrs. Phipps (middle) of the children's hospice Jona in Bremen a check worth 1,000 EUR.
Mr. Uwe Buschmann (left) hands Mrs. Phipps (middle) of the children's hospice Jona in Bremen a check worth 1,000 EUR.
The summer party on the grounds of HANSA-FLEX AG's headquarters.
The summer party on the grounds of HANSA-FLEX AG's headquarters.


International donations at Christmas

Every year at Christmas, HANSA-FLEX AG traditionally donates 100 euro for each foreign subsidiary to a selected charitable institution. Since we are now represented in 39 different countries, this amounts to a total of 3,900 euro, which this year will gladden hearts at the Klokanek Children's Home in Brno (Czech Republic).

The Klokanek Children's Home is an independent organisation that relies entirely on donations to enable it to carry out its work. The home cares for up to 78 children ranging in age from newborn to 18. It accommodates orphans, homeless children, victims of domestic or sexual violence, those who have been abandoned by their parents or have endured other horrifying experiences. Three to four children live in a group with their attachment persons, or "aunts", as in a real family.


The donation of 3,900 euros will be used for the daily running of the institution. Besides toys and learning materials, the donation will also be used to finance events such as visits to the zoo or similar trips.

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HANSA-FLEX unterstützt neues Projekt der Stiftung Waldheim

Café im Clüverhaus

Die Behindertenhilfe Stiftung Waldheim hat ein bemerkenswertes Projekt ins Leben gerufen: Das neueröffnete „Café im Clüverhaus“ in Achim bei Bremen dient geistig behinderten Menschen als Arbeitsplatz und als Ort der Integration. Es geht über die bisherigen Einrichtungen wie betreuten Wohngemeinschaften in den Wohnheimen der Stiftung oder einem Arbeitsplatz in den Waldheim Werkstätten hinaus.

„Wir wollen mit dieser Einrichtung eine Möglichkeit bieten, den ersten Schritt in den Arbeitsmarkt zu gehen“, erklärt Dieter Haase, Geschäftsführer der Werkstätten. „Und Mitten in Achim ist dieses Café ein Ort der Integration. Hier können die Achimer Bürger bei Kaffee und Kuchen in Kontakt mit unseren Bewohnern und unserer Arbeit kommen.“ Eine Herausforderung, der sich die sechs Angestellten mit geistiger Behinderung gerne stellen. Unterstützt werden sie von zwei Fachkräften aus der Gastronomie. Zusammen bieten sie den Gästen bei rustikal-gemütlicher Atmosphäre eine große Auswahl an selbst gemachten Torten und Kuchen.


Das Café wurde im alterwürdigen Clüverhaus eingerichtet, einem Bauernhaus von 1824. Bevor der Betrieb des Cafés beginnen konnte, musste das Gebäude jedoch unter Berücksichtigung der Denkmalsbestimmungen umgebaut und die Einrichtung angefertigt werden. „Ich bin stolz auf das, was wir geleistet haben.“ sagt Dieter Haase. Sein abschließender Dank gilt HANSA-FLEX Geschäftsführer Uwe Buschmann für die langjährige Unterstützung bei vielen Projekten. Das „Café im Clüverhaus“ wird von HANSA-FLEX mit einer Spende von 20.000 Euro unterstützt. „Dieses Engagement ist etwas ganz besonderes. Das findet man selten,“ so Haase. Bisher wurden jeden Tag über 100 Gäste bewirtet.

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Spende an die Stiftung Waldheim über 10.000 Euro

Spende an die Stiftung Waldheim

Am 23. September 2006 fand in der HANSA-FLEX Zentrale Bremen ein Gesundheitstag statt, zu dem auch die Stiftung Waldheim mit einem bunten Malprogramm für Kinder dabei war.


Schon über mehrere Jahre fühlt sich HANSA-FLEX der Stiftung Waldheim in Cluvenhagen verbunden, unterstützte zahlreiche Projekte und Initiativen der Einrichtung für behinderte Menschen. In Anwesenheit von Waldheim-Kuratoriumsmitglied Karsten Endrussat und Geschäftsführer Dieter Haase übergaben die Vertreter der HANSA-FLEX Geschäftsführung Uwe Buschmann und Dieter H. Seidler eine Spende in Höhe von 10.000 EUR. Als Dankeschön erhielt HANSA-FLEX ein kleines gerahmtes Kunstwerk.

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Sponsoring - Social affairs

Social engagement through sponsoring has always been important at HANSA-FLEX. Awareness of our social responsibility helps to strengthen the partnership between business and societ

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