Annual Report 2012

Cover Annual Report 2012

2012 was a quite extraordinary year for us. The fiftieth year in our company’s history was full of measurable, tangible highlights – the highest monthly turnover of all time, the 3.000th employee, record participation in trade shows and the largest HANSA-FLEX football tournament ever.

In domestic business, HANSA-FLEX posted a very good result with a record turnover of well over 233 million euro. However, due to investments in increasing capacity, new production facilities and many new hires the profit margin was more than two percentage points below the level of 2011.

Abroad, with turnover of about 136 million euro, we again succeeded in surpassing last year’s performance by a wide margin, and continued our expansion. With 14 new branches, of which seven were established in Germany, we met our global expansion goals for 2012. We also increased material availability markedly, made great advances in promoting the HANSA-FLEX standard, and completed all international SAP rollouts according to schedule. The successful implementation of the environmental management standard ISO 14001 has entrenched environmental awareness even more firmly throughout the company.

We thank our customers and business partners for their trust, and our employees for their amazing dedication. All of you have been directly responsible for making this 50th anniversary year spectacularly successful for HANSA-FLEX.

We warmly invite you to embark upon the next 50 years together with us!




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12.5.2014: New product line: HD 800

At the end of 2013, we extended our range of products to include the HD 800, a new high-pressure hydraulic hose (working pressure up to 500 bar).

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4.4.2014: Club sponsorship 2014 – apply now!

The popular HANSA-FLEX club sponsorship will continue in 2014.

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25.3.2014: HANSA-FLEX plants a forest

Last weekend around 100 HANSA-FLEX employees and their families planted beech, lime and chestnut trees on a one-hectare area in Ramminghausen near Syke.

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18.3.2014: HYDRAULIKPRESSE March 2014

10 Jahre Schlauchcodierung mit dem X-CODE. Damit die Welt mobil bleibt – ein Besuch bei Lufthansa-Technik. Sicherheit im Straßenverkehr – Produktion von Schutzplanken. Mehrwert für OEMs und Ersatzteilkunden – neue Serienfertigung bei Dresden. Digitale Dienstleistungen. XWORLD startet in ein neues Abenteuer. Perfekt ausgerüstet mit Rosenbauer – Feuerwehrtechnik aus Österreich

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27.1.2014: International donations at Christmas

In 2013, we remain true to tradition and forgo Christmas gifts to our international customers. Instead, we donate this year 4,000 Euros to the organization "Helping Hands UAE".

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23.1.2014: Further growth for the HANSA-FLEX corporation

At the beginning of 2014, we incorporated four foreign companies in the HANSA-FLEX Group. With this step the entire international business of the group is now summarized on the HANSA-FLEX International GmbH.

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12.12.2013: HANSA-FLEX XWORLD Africa 2014/2015

From the autumn of 2014 we will be launching a new adventure! The setting for the third XWORLD will be the African continent, which we will be "experiencing" from Morocco to South Africa in the west, and from South Africa to Libya in the east.

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9.12.2013: Hydraulikpresse December 2013

Barely scanned, already delivered – our kanban service. High and dry in Hitzacker – Flood control from Willmann Steuerungstechnik. Kissing the waves – Aboard the AIDAbella. A totally new way to fly – Personal copters from Hildesheim. Examination content optimised – Hydraulic specialist news. Safety through machines – Mine clearing vehicles from Croatia. The highest quality assured  – HANSA-FLEX invests in quality assurance. Fascination technology. The world’s first iron bridge – An industrial monument in the UK

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5.12.2013: Tell us what you think

As part of our customer satisfaction survey we ask all of our customers to tell us what you think.

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10.9.2013: Certified creditworthiness

In July 2013 HANSA-FLEX AG was awarded the "CrefoZert" certificate of creditworthiness.

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