Annual Report 2016

Every year, we use this report to take a look at everything we achieved during the year under review in order to try and establish an outlook for the current year. Despite this, this delimitation plays no role in our everyday activities as a service provider, technical retailer and innovative producer. Instead, we require long-term continuity, reliable partnerships and close communication with our customers and suppliers in Germany and worldwide.


In 2016, we once again experienced positive growth and recorded an increase in the group turnover. The conditions for achieving this were not always ideal and we also suffered setbacks in several areas and national companies. This makes us particularly proud that we were able to acquire new customers, build on existing customer relations with new products and develop further high-quality services and technical solutions. The growing demand confirms that the approach we have taken is the right one, both sustainable and robust.

In times of growing political unrest and the resultant increasing national focus, we took over a new company in Portugal and prepared for a takeover in England in January. We streamlined management structures, cleaned up processes, reconsidered and sometimes amended responsibilities and created a new Development department. To further heighten our focus on customers, we optimised the branch network in Germany, created stronger ties between the mobile services teams and the branches and provided the production sites with technical equipment that is more modern than ever.


The hydraulics market is not growing – we have to stand out from the competition. We are not taking the approach that some are and doing this by means of our prices; instead we acquire new customers by offering excellent quality and service. Our customers want a ‘one-shop’ partnership. And this approach is proving successful – as repeatedly shown by our annual growth. It is not always possible to increase the overall result in these market conditions – and we failed to do so in 2016. This is disappointing, but not disastrous.


We are very much aware that these are all strategic plans devised by the management but actually implemented by our over 3,500 employees. The success of our business in Germany as well as over 40 national companies rests on their shoulders. They deserve a clear and unrestrained ‘thank you’ for the sustained motivation and above-average commitment that they have once again shown. True to our mission statement, we work TOGETHER closely to create the added value that customers expect from us and are willing to pay for.


As previously mentioned, this work does not end on 31 December, but is ongoing for as long as our demanding customers require it from us – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!


Our thanks go to everyone who has actively helped us achieve the following projects and results!




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