The HANSA-FLEX Eventmobile

Mobile for any event


Our Eventmobile was presented to customers, employees and friends of HANSA-FLEX AG for the first time in June 2012 in Weiterstedt, at the 10th company Football World Championship. Since then, the newly built red promotion vehicle has been touring from one event to another – the length and breadth of Europe. Also on board: a multimedia system, a conservatory, an immense quantity of hydraulic equipment, various exhibits, a fully equipped kitchen with draught beer dispensing system, and a training bench from the Internationale Hydraulik Akademie.


As part of the "HANSA-FLEX Road Tour", the Eventmobile is in the thick of the action at a wide range of events all over Europe. It serves as a mobile stand of trade fairs. At events hosted by the branches, it is used as an information vehicle. And for other events, such as supplier days held by major customers, it is the perfect platform from which to present the company with all its capabilities. The "Hydroprax-Mobil" training stand designed and built by the Internationale Hydraulik Akademie (IHA) especially for this purpose is particularly useful. By its presence, it turns the Eventmobile into a travelling training facility. In this way, realistic seminars on all aspects of hydraulics can be held at the customer's site. 


The tractor unit is a converted 519 CDI Sprinter by Mercedes-Benz with an engine output of 190 bhp. Four support cylinders and three sensors have been mounted in the chassis to keep the vehicle level. Unevennesses in the ground can be compensated for via remote control. A central hydraulic system has been installed in the vehicle's equipment compartment. This includes an electric motor, a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic tank and solenoid valves which open and close the respective circuits. At the press of a button, the side wall of the trailer opens almost noiselessly and becomes a stage.

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