News 2010

HANSA-FLEX Hydraulik GmbH becomes HANSA-FLEX AG

What was announced with great ceremony at the end of July at Bremen's venerable old Park Hotel is now official. With its entry in the register of companies, HANSA-FLEX is now trading as a (non-listed) joint-stock corporation. With this change to the corporate form, Europe's leading systems provider in fluid technology is reflecting the major growth it has experienced in recent years.


The startling rate at which HANSA-FLEX has grown in the last few years can best be demonstrated with a few salient figures. In June 2006, there were 162 offices in Germany, today there are 192. Globally, the number of offices has risen from 285 to the current figure of 355. The number of FLEXXPRESS vehicles has almost doubled in the last four years.


When a company grows as rapidly as ours, its internal structures must occasionally be changed to reflect its altered status. In 2009, two HANSA-FLEX subsidiaries, HANSA-FLEX Metallschläuche GmbH in Boffzen and K+S Hydraulik GmbH, were integrated fully in the parent corporation, HANSA-FLEX Hydraulik GmbH, thereby creating a clearer corporate structure. This step has also enabled us to simplify internal processes, and thus save costs.


With the construction of the second central warehouse in Geisenfeld, which came into operation this year, HANSA-FLEX is also reflecting the organic growth in the Group and ensuring that all HANSA-FLEX products can be delivered to our customers even faster.


The change from HANSA-FLEX Hydraulik GmbH to HANSA-FLEX AG represents another logical step in reflecting this growth. However, HANSA-FLEX shares will not be traded on the stock exchange. This new corporate form is rather what is known as a "Familien-AG", the shares of which are held by the Armerding and Buschmann families.


One of the main objectives of this step is to streamline the internal structures of the company so that employees can be deployed in a more targeted fashion. This will make the company's operations more efficient and this will benefit the customer. "By converting the company to HANSA-FLEX AG, we are also reinforcing the central management of the Group as a whole. The AG corporate form clearly reflects our claim that we offer the best services to our customers and will give us the opportunity to operate even more efficiently in the future," says chief executive Thomas Armerding.




Members of the Board: Thomas Armerding (chairman), Uwe Buschmann (vice-chairman), Dieter H. Seidler (finance director)

Members of the Supervisory Board: Tim Hollweg (chairman), Gisbert Loosen, Jörg Buschmann, Günter Buschmann (honorary member of the Supervisory Board), Joachim Armerding (honorary member of the Supervisory Board)


The share capital: The new company's share capital is 15 million euros. The capital is owned by the Armerding and Buschmann families.

XWORLD: Catalogue and website are ready to be launched

With XWORLD South America, HANSA-FLEX is again initiating a very special offroad event. From the summer of 2011, the convoy of six VW Amaroks will be visiting the finest places on the continent. Detailed travel information is now available.
The planning work for XWORLD South America is now complete; the individual stages have been worked out. Precise information and details about XWORLD can be found on the internet right now at or in the XWORLD travel catalogue, which can be ordered.
The route and highlights of the individual stages are described in detail. This means that anybody who is interested can make their own individual selection. Whether it is the deep jungle in the Amazon Delta; battling with the elements in the Tierra del Fuego; mountain paths in the Andes Highlands or crossing rivers in the wilds of Patagonia – XWORLD offers an extraordinary experience for all adventurers.
The whole route has been planned in collaboration with a renowned events agency which was previously involved with XWORLD 2008/2009. During the various stages, participants can expect to sleep in hotels, campsites, or by the side of the road. Thanks to the insider knowledge of the experienced tour guides, the convoy will visit places that other travellers do not get to see. The participants will get to see the country and meet the people – away from all the tourist crowds.
More information about XWORLD South America can be found on the internet at

Annual report 2009

Financial year 2009 was a difficult one, and HANSA-FLEX was not unaffected. The company was not able to match its growth of several preceding years. But: HANSA-FLEX did post a profit even for the 2009 business year, a rarity in the market. That is a good sign, but we cannot rest on our laurels.

It is precisely in difficult financial times that we must look to our lifeblood. Because: lifeblood is our philosophy – our passion. We pour it into our work – every day. It infuses our projects with energy and vitality. It helps us to carry out our tasks that critical little bit better, so that we complete an order not only to our total satisfaction, but most importantly to that of our customers.

Because our customers‘ satisfaction is a matter of the heart for us. This manifests itself in every facet of our business: There is passion at work when our fitter teams and mobile services respond to calls on the weekend or in the middle of the night to complete an order. It is the drive that inspires our technical consultants to find the best solution for a customer. It is the commitment our employees demonstrate when they carry on working after the end of their shift to get the job done. Our lifeblood pulses through every thread of the tasks we undertake.

This is why our products and services are at the heart of the fluid technology installations for over 300,000 customers all over the world. To be present locally for our customers through a global branch network. This is our credo. Our 350 branches in 33 countries ensure that we are there for our customers at all times. With 225 service vans in all, the FLEXXPRESS fleet guarantees fastest response times – we strive constantly to be as close to our customers as possible.

It takes commitment of this lifeblood to an undertaking to achieve more than others. It takes an inner desire to turn a profession into a vocation. It takes passion to become Europe‘s leading systems provider for fluid technology.

Like Hermann Gmeiner, founder of the SOS Children‘s Villages, we also know: ‘Everything big in our world only comes true when somebody does more than he has to do.’ At HANSA-FLEX, we strive to bring about something big every day – that is our lifeblood.



A knockabout in the park

The 2010 HANSA-FLEX Football World Championship

The traditional HANSA-FLEX football tournament was held over the Whitsun weekend. This year, the event took place in Dresden. Of the 22 participating teams, 15 represented German branches. The other seven HANSA-FLEX teams travelled from the Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Austria, and Rumania.

After a tough round of preliminary matches, in which the teams were divided into two groups, the top two teams in each group were through to the semi-finals. Group 1 was very close.  In this group, the team from HANSA-FLEX headquarters was edged out of the top two by Oldenburg and Dresden-Weixdorf, both of which had just a one-point advantage.

In the semi-finals, Oldenburg faced Weiterstadt from group 2. The northerners won this encounter quite comfortably, 4:0. In the second semi-final, the team from Weixdorf dispatched Schönebeck 2:0 to earn a place in the final.

In the exciting final between Weixdorf and Oldenburg, the teams were still level at full time. The competition had to be decided on penalties. The Weixdorf eleven ultimately earned their title, winning the final by the closest of margins, 8:7.

The HANSA-FLEX Football World Championship will be held in Oldenburg next year.

HANSA-FLEX opens 350th branch

Europe's foremost fluid technology systems provider celebrates the opening of the 350th branch in its global network. A strategic gap in the Hamburg – Bremen – Bremerhaven triangle has been closed with the new facility at Cuxhaven.
During the last two-and-a-half years, HANSA-FLEX has grown by 50 new branches. And we will continue to maintain this policy of growth in the future. Further branches all over the world are being planned. Our credo: To be present locally through our global network of branches. This way, HANSA-FLEX can offer its customers the best possible, individual support – as close to the market as possible. Customer proximity is our passion. Of the group's new total of 350 branches, 191 are located in Germany.
Our closely-knit service network is one of the fundamental reasons for the success of our company. Rapid availability of materials, replacement parts and experienced hydraulics specialists are extremely important to our customers. Because machine downtimes can mean enormous loss of earnings. By continually extending its network of subsidiaries, HANSA-FLEX is able to respond fast and provide its customers with the professional service they need.
HANSA-FLEX Hydraulik GmbH
Humphry-Davy-Str. 16
27472 Cuxhaven
Phone: +49-4721-393932

email: cuxhansa-flexcom

Service 24h: 0800-77 123 45 

Announcement: The HANSA-FLEX 2009 address book is due to appear in April.