News 2011

Herpa model of the HANSA-FLEX Fluid Service vehicle

And just in time for Christmas, HANSA-FLEX underscores this sensitive topic in a unique way. As of now, anyone who wishes to can order a true-to-life 1:87 (HO) scale Herpa model of the Fluid Service vehicle from any HANSA-FLEX branch. The price has been kept as low as possible, at just € 11 (including VAT). The model is in a limited edition of just 2,500, making it an extra special item for business acquaintances, customers and collectors. Make sure you have yours while they are still available!

The HANSAFLEX Fluid Service is the tried and tested way to take care of your oil effectively. More and more customers are coming to realise that clean oil in their hydraulic systems makes for smooth running in their value added chains, and they can save themselves the expense of unscheduled machinery stoppages. Because all hydraulic components in mobile and fixed systems slide on a microthin oil film seven times thinner than a human hair. Be it ever so tiny, the slightest contamination in the oil can lead to wear on moving parts, and sooner or later this can bring the system to a complete standstill. it is all the more important, then, to take good care of your oil.

The on-call vehicles of the Fluid Service are fully equipped to perform a comprehensive oil analysis on site. Our specialists can draw off a sample of the hydraulic oil while the machine is still running and analyse it there and then in the vehicle. Based on this information, which is made available to the customer without limitation, they will then advise on what is to be done next. whether a complete oil change is called for, or a bypass flow filter system should be installed, or any of a range of other steps should be taken, everything depends on the actual condition of the oil. And just in time for Christmas, HANSA-FLEX underscores this sensitive topic in a unique way. As of now, anyone who wishes to can order a true-to-life 1:87 (HO) scale Herpa model of the Fluid Service vehicle from any HANSA-FLEX branch. The price has been kept as low as possible, at just € 11 (including VAT). The model is in a limited edition of just 2,500, making it an extra special item for business acquaintances, customers and collectors. Make sure you have yours while they are still available!

For more than five months now HANSA-FELX XWORLD is on its way

For more than five months now HANSA-FELX XWORLD is on its way through South America. This captivating continent fascinates more and more with each mile.


For more information and comprehensive travel reports and photos of stages through Argentina, Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, Peru, Bolivia and Chile go to our websites and
Starting in Buenos Aires in June 2011 the XWORLD tour is en route in South America until March 2012.

HANSA-FLEX Belgium has participated to MATEXPO

HANSA-FLEX Belgium has participated to MATEXPO, the international trade fare for machines, techniques and material for the construction industry, road-building, general industry, recycling and public works.


Over the years, Matexpo has become a permanent fixture in the world of construction machinery.


For the duration of the show, 13.5 hectares were transformed into an outdoor park where the manufacturers of machines for major road-building and civil engineering projects have been putting their best foot forward. The exhibition halls were divided up into different sections to display items such as smaller construction equipment, machines for road-building, construction vehicles, machinery and technologies for recycling and environmental purposes, cleaning machines, goods handling equipment and maintenance providers.


Our small but well organized exhibition stand gave a clear overview of all the strengths that HANSA-FLEX can offer. As the construction of our stand was very high, the logo of HANSA-FLEX was visible everywhere in the hall. The map which shows the worldwide activities of HANSA-FLEX was an attraction for many visitors.


This fair has yielded several interesting contacts with potential new customers. But also the conversations with existing customers were useful, we had the opportunity to explain our wide range of products.


During this fair our sales reps also visited the other exhibitors, which resulted in a few good contacts. We look back on a succesfull exhibition. During the following weeks our sales reps are going to visit the new contacts and hopefully this results in many new projects.

Thank you very much for your opinion

At the beginning of this year, HANSA-FLEX carried out its fourth customer satisfaction analysis. A comparison of these results with previous surveys shows that a gratifyingly large number of customers took part. We wish to extend our sincere thanks to all of our customers who responded.
We would like to discuss the most important points of the survey in the following:
The high level of satisfaction of our customers compared with previous surveys is unmistakable. For example, over 95 percent of those surveyed would choose HANSA-FLEX as a business partner again, which reflects previous surveys allowing for only a slight variation. Another feature of the trust our customers have placed in our services is shown clearly by the length of our business relations. HANSA-FLEX has been cooperating with more than 64 percent for over six years, and for over ten years with 38.5 percent.
Most of the almost 1,800 participants responded to our request for constructive criticism. The points of criticism that were mentioned most often were insufficient ability to deliver and unsatisfactory complaints management. We are addressing these criticisms. Specifically with regard to our ability to deliver, we instituted a comprehensive set of measures designed to improve this situation even before embarking on the survey. For example we have intensified our activities regarding the requalification of existing suppliers and the initial qualification of subcontractors worldwide. And we are addressing the other points of criticism with the implementation of a range of directed internal measures.  
The survey has also revealed that interest among customers for an online shop has increased very dramatically. In this respect too, we have already taken steps to respond to this wish as early as possible.
We intend to carry out the next customer satisfaction analysis as early as 2012, but certainly no later than 2013. The questionnaire for the next survey will be changed in several different respects.

The winner of the iPad is M. Schreiber from Dresden.

Well-earned retirement

Dieter H. Seidler – Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – is seeking well-earned retirement. Mr. Seidler has filled key roles at HANSA-FLEX for over a decade, starting in 1998 as Director of Finances, as Managing Director (CFO) from 2008, and since August 2010 as a member of the management board (CFO) of HANSA-FLEX AG.


In that time, his exceptional energy, superior professional knowledge and distinctive personality were largely instrumental in ensuring that HANSA-FLEX has achieved many milestones earlier than planned. On this foundation, the company can look forward to further successful development in the future.


The search for Mr. Seidler's successor is currently in hand. Dieter H. Seidler is an enthusiastic recreational diver, he enjoys playing tennis and attends theatre productions regularly.

VIP visits trade fair stand

On Thursday, April 7, 2011, the HANSA-FLEX stand at this year's Hannover Messe welcomed Bremen Senator for the Environment, Construction, Transportation and European Affairs, Dr. Reinhard Loske.


In a conversation with HANSA-FLEX AG management board members, the senator asked about the current situation of the company. Dr Loske expressed particular interest in the closely linked network of branches and the resulting availability of HANSA-FLEX AG products and services throughout Germany.

Online Catalogue Update

The HANSA-FLEX Online Catalogue is now available in 22 languages, six more languages have been added: Bulgarian, Estonian, Italian, Serbian, Slovenian and Turkish.
Large portions of the Online Catalogue have been completely revised, and the sections on sealing equipment and hydraulic components have been added.
More than 250 images and about 50 diagrams have been included or updated.

  • Use the advantages of the convenient search function to learn everything you need to know about more than 45,000 items.
  • Create a PDF including photo, diagram and detailed descriptions with just a click of your mouse.

  Full list of languages at a glance: Bulgarian, Chinese, German, English, Estonian, French, Italian, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Czech, Turkish and Hungarian


HANSA-FLEX at the Hannover Messe 2011

50 vacant positions to be filled

HANSA-FLEX AG is this year again presenting its fluid technology products and services at the world's largest industrial fair, the Hannover Messe. The comprehensive range extends from A as in 'aggregates' to F as in 'fluid service' and through to X as in 'X-CODE'. Our well-practised team at the trade fair demonstrate the broad-ranging expertise which has made HANSA-FLEX the leading system supplier in fluid technology and a value-adding partner for high-capacity companies whatever their size. You will find us at the show in hall 21, stand D30.
At the additional 'Job and Career Market' fair (hall 7, stand 30-11), HANSA-FLEX is seeking committed colleagues in all disciplines to fill a total of 50 vacant positions.
The Hannover Messe is this year taking place from 4 to 8 April at the Hanover exhibition ground and is open daily from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. We look forward to meeting you.

XWORLD at the Hannover Messe

As a foretaste to the XWORLD South America which kicks off in June, we are demonstrating to our visitors a VW Amarok which has been converted for the off-road tour - one of six vehicles set to roll across South America in just a few months' time.


In order to meet the demands of this long tour, all the Amaroks had to be specially converted for the XWORLD. For example, the chassis has been raised by 25 millimetres and the cars fitted with suitable MT tyres. To enable the vehicles to cross any rivers they encounter, they have been equipped with snorkels and special cyclone filters while a reinforced underride guard and cargo cover will enable the Amaroks to traverse even tough terrain undamaged. Anyone who has booked to take part in one of the 16 stages can hop in for a trial at the show.

Compact information

The completely redesigned HANSA-FLEX Compact Catalogue is available now. In 576 pages, it contains information about our core products (mainly A and B parts) in line technology, mounting and hose technology, couplings and ball valves, measuring equipment, compressed air technology, water technology, as well as fluid service, maintenance, accessories, and tools.
The German and English language issues of the Compact Catalogue are ready now.
Versions in other languages are expected to be ready in June: Braz. Portuguese, Croatia, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, French, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Rumanian, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, Turkish

Customer survey 2011

The HANSA-FLEX Group is planning to carry out another representative study of customer satisfaction. Accordingly, we are asking for your opinion about our products and services.
The purpose of this study is to optimise our service yet further, so that we can continue to provide you our support as your reliable partner in the future.
The benefit to you: By taking part in this survey, you can take an active role in altering the alignment of the various corporate processes at HANSA-FLEX in such a way that both your satisfaction and your competitiveness are enhanced.
The survey is conducted in the 1st Quarter 2011.
Naturally, participation in this survey is completely voluntary and anonymous. It will take you just 10 to 12 minutes to fill out the questionnaire.
As a token of our thanks, if you provide your personal information you will be included in a drawing to win an iPad (32 GB).
We will publish excerpts from the results of the survey in the 2nd quarter of 2011. The winner of the drawing will also be announced at about the same time.
Thank you for your cooperation