News 2012

Poland are the Football World Cup Winners

HANSA-FLEX AG International Football Tournament in Weiterstadt

Weiterstadt played host to this year's Football World Cup. The event organiser was not FIFA, but HANSA-FLEX AG, the world's leading system provider for all things hydraulic. Every year the company stages its own football World Cup, in which teams from all branches and foreign subsidiaries can take part. This year's tournament was the largest ever. At the same time the company celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The 10th HANSA-FLEX football World Cup in 2012 in Weiterstadt was an event that was worthy of the name. From June 1 to 3, 477 players in 41 teams from 18 countries competed for the crown of the HANSA-FLEX footballing world. The event had almost 1,000 participants in total from the global HANSA-FLEX family. In an exciting final, Poland beat the team from Osnabrück one-nil, thereby winning the HANSA-FLEX football World Cup for the first time. The host country of this year's European soccer championships will therefore stage the 11th World Cup for the system provider for all things hydraulic in the coming year.

Peter Rohrbach, Mayor of the town of Weiterstadt, held a speech at the closing ceremony, in which he thanked HANSA-FLEX AG for its long-standing commitment to Weiterstadt and underlined that the soccer World Cup was a good advertisement for the town. HANSA-FLEX AG would like to thank the town of Weiterstadt for its magnificent support in organising and holding the event. High praise goes to our colleagues from the HANSA-FLEX branch in Weiterstadt – particularly Area Manager Thilo Albrecht and Regional Manager Danijel Elezovic – for this event.

Across Europe electrically

By electric car from Genoa to The Hague 


2,700 kilometres, through six countries, in electrically powered cars. This is the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE). And our customer, e-Wolf GmbH, is taking part in the rally. e-Wolf manufactures electrically powered commercial vehicles, and has entered its flagship, the Delta 2 Shuttle Bus, in the race. Equipment includes: Air conditioning system lines from HANSA-FLEX


To build its electric cars, e-Wolf GmbH obtains fully equipped standard vehicles from renowned vehicle manufacturers, and then converts them for electric power. That sounds relatively simple, but it's not.


First the mechanics at e-Wolf take out all of the components of the internal combustion engine, including: the engine block, the fuel tank, the fuel lines or the exhaust system. Then the batteries and the electric motor are installed. The new layout in the engine compartment means that all components have to be adapted for installation. For the air conditioning system, this means: All A/C hose lines must be rebuilt and rerouted safely in the vehicle. This task has been delegated to the HANSA-FLEX branch at Leverkusen in the person of Volker Hansen. His job is to adapt the routing system individually to each vehicle type. For this, the connectors, which are special fittings, have to be soldered to the adapted hose and then bent to fit. "When we are building a prototype, this can sometimes be a very long process", says the workshop manager. "We often have to go through several cycles of trial and error", Hansen adds. Since the quantity of coolant cannot be changed, the air conditioning lines must not be made significantly longer or shorter, otherwise the performance of the air conditioning system would be affected. 


When the starter's gun is fired on 9 September in Genoa, 19 electrically powered vehicles will set off for the finish line. Over the next 14 days, they will travel 2,700 kilometres and through six countries, but between them they will not use a single drop of petrol. Our long-standing customer e-Wolf GmbH in Frechen is sending a single participant, an electrically powered commercial vehicle.

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International donations at Christmas

Every year at Christmas, HANSA-FLEX AG traditionally donates 100 euro for each foreign subsidiary to a selected charitable institution. Since we are now represented in 39 different countries, this amounts to a total of 3,900 euro, which this year will gladden hearts at the Klokanek Children's Home in Brno (Czech Republic).


The Klokanek Children's Home is an independent organisation that relies entirely on donations to enable it to carry out its work. The home cares for up to 78 children ranging in age from newborn to 18. It accommodates orphans, homeless children, victims of domestic or sexual violence, those who have been abandoned by their parents or have endured other horrifying experiences. Three to four children live in a group with their attachment persons, or "aunts", as in a real family.


The donation of 3,900 euros will be used for the daily running of the institution. Besides toys and learning materials, the donation will also be used to finance events such as visits to the zoo or similar trips.

European handball championship spectacle

On Sunday 15 January, the European handball championship kicks off in Serbia. For two weeks, 16 national teams will battle it out for the European handball crown. With them will be HANSA-FLEX AG.


With large floor stickers on the playing fields where more than 40 team encounters will take place, the system partner for hydraulics has brought about an effective form of advertising sponsorship.


During the European championship in Serbia, more than 200,000 spectators are expected to watch the games live in the stadium. TV coverage will reach several million spectators across the whole world. All the tickets for the German team's qualifying rounds were sold out weeks ago.


Handball is currently one of the most popular forms of team sport in Eastern Europe. Through sponsorship of the European championship in Serbia, HANSA-FLEX expects a further increase in the level of awareness in Germany and the European foreign organisations.

Colleague relief

More than 12.000 euro for HANSA-FLEX Thailand

The flood disaster in the city center and the outskirts of Bangkok hit also the Thai employees of HANSA-FLEX severely. Overall six colleagues lost their homes to the flood and they found shelter together with their families in the HANSA-FLEX branch in Bangkok.

In order to help the Thai colleagues directly with the reconstruction of their homes the employees raised within 3 weeks with a charity appeal more than 6.000 euro. The amount was then doubled by the executive board Thomas Armerding and Uwe Buschmann.

During his visit to the Thai branch CEO Thomas Armerding handed the check with the total amount of 12.185 euro to Kitisak Suwanwong (Managing director HANSA-FLEX Thailand). The full amount supports the victims directly.