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Year 2010


HANSA-FLEX Hydraulik GmbH becomes HANSA-FLEX AG

With its entry in the register of companies, HANSA-FLEX is now trading as a (non-listed) joint-stock corporation. With this change to the corporate form, Europe's leading systems provider in fluid technology is reflecting the major growth it has experienced in recent years.

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XWORLD: Catalogue and website are ready to be launched

With XWORLD South America, HANSA-FLEX is again initiating a very special offroad event. From the summer of 2011, the convoy of six VW Amaroks will be visiting the finest places on the continent. Detailed travel information is now available.

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A knockabout in the park

Über das Pfingstwochenende fand das traditionelle HANSA-FLEX Fußballturnier statt. Der Austragungsort war in diesem Jahr in Dresden.

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HANSA-FLEX opens 350th branch

Europas führender Systemanbieter in der Fluidtechnik feiert die Eröffnung der weltweit 350. Niederlassung am Standort Cuxhaven.

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Konfigurator für die Armaturenfertigung

Note for HANSA-FLEX Clients The configurator simplifies and speeds up the enquiries and orders for special fittings. You can configure special fittings from 0° to 180° with any connections The form is automatically sent to HANSA-FLEX Special Pipe and Fittings Production in Dresden Weixdorf. In the case of enquiries and orders you will automatically receive a confirmation ...

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Announcement: The HANSA-FLEX 2009 address book is due to appear in April.

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