January 2014

Further growth for the HANSA-FLEX corporation

The 2013 business year was a further successful one for the HANSA-FLEX Group. 


In an officially shrinking domestic market, we were able to maintain the same levels of sales and profit as in the previous year. From an international perspective, we are continuing to grow, with the corporation having successfully continued its organic expansion in 2013. 


From a structural perspective, at the start of 2014, the founding shareholders of the HANSA-FLEX Group transferred their remaining shares in the HANSA-FLEX companies in the Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA, which had previously been kept separate from the corporation, to the HANSA-FLEX corporation. Furthermore, the shares in our subsidiary in Australia, the majority of which were still held by outside shareholders, were also fully acquired. 


The entire international business of the group is now subsumed under HANSA-FLEX International GmbH - a 100% subsidiary of HANSA-FLEX AG. The board of directors will of course continue to work closely with local partners in some of the overseas subsidiaries, who as managing locally operated successfully building the business, thus enabling the global appearance of the HANSA-FLEX Group. 


Further information on the preceding fiscal year 2013 will be available in our business report after the financial statements have been finalized and published.