March 2014

HANSA-FLEX plants a forest

Last weekend around 100 HANSA-FLEX employees and their families planted beech, lime and chestnut trees on a one-hectare area in Ramminghausen near Syke.

“The principle of environmental conservation is part of the HANSA-FLEX mission statement,” stated vice-chairman of the management board Uwe Buschmann on welcoming the volunteer planters. “In our Bremen head office alone we print around one and a half million pages of paper every year. With this project we aim to offset the resulting CO2.”


The afforestation project is part of the ‘Print & Plant’ initiative, which aims to capture in a natural way the CO2 which is generated by printing on paper. In cooperation with a number of companies from the region the Forestry Department of Ahlhorn is organising the planting of an area of land near Syke and will in future cultivate the forest. “In the coming years the trees planted in Ramminghausen will capture around 10 t of CO2 per year, which is roughly the amount of greenhouse gas which one head of population in Germany generates annually,” explains the Forestry Department’s Stefan Grußdorf.


On one day the HANSA-FLEX staff planted around 300 of a total of 2600 seedlings on the one-hectare site, which when the project is completed will contain high-quality deciduous trees and rare wild apple, wild pear and chestnut trees.

“This area is ideal for planting trees, because before the site was converted to agricultural cultivation there was a beech forest here 100 years ago,” says Stefan Grußdorf.


“With this campaign we aim to enlarge the green belt which surrounds Bremen,” adds HANSA-FLEX’s Uwe Buschmann. The forest is planned for a period of at least 120 years, ensuring long-term CO2 capture.