HANSA-FLEX back in Slovenia

HANSA-FLEX again active in Slovenia

HANSA-FLEX has been active in Slovenia again since the beginning of 2016. With this foreign company, we are working in a difficult but promising market and can close a geographical gap.
Slovenia's economy is broad and relatively balanced: Agriculture, industry, services and tourism are the priority sectors, with almost half of Slovenians working in the automotive, electrical and electronics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Renault and Gorenje operate large plants in the Republic.
However, Slovenia's economy is still suffering from the consequences of the global economic crisis of 2007: unemployment stood at 13.5% in January 2015, and many companies are filing for bankruptcy before they have even been able to start doing business properly. 
Nevertheless, and especially because of the strong industry, HANSA-FLEX decided to establish a foreign company in Slovenia. In five branches (headquarters is in Maribor), 19 employees work primarily for customers from the mechanical engineering sector. The immediate hydraulic service there currently operates with two vehicles. 
HANSA-FLEX Slovenia is managed by Primož Poljanec: "Of course, we are aware that the initial economic situation is not easy. But the Slovenian market is very interesting for us and has huge potential," says Poljanec, explaining the motivation for the foreign company. "We are closing the gap between Austria and Croatia and can connect the markets". In this way it is also possible to win customers who buy cross-border. 


In the coming months, two more branches are to be opened and another service vehicle is to be added.