June 2017

New brochure on oil-related machine problems

Hydraulic fluid is much more than any fuel and is crucial for the planning, operation and maintenance of hydraulic systems.


Modern hydraulic systems are characterized by increased cycle times, temperatures and pressure stages, reduced gaps and more compact designs with smaller tanks and increasing rotational speeds. Therefore the demands on the quality and purity of the hydraulic oils have increased in recent years.


Today, more than 75% of all failures in hydraulic systems are caused by contaminated hydraulic oils. The timely detection of irregularities during the operation of the machine can save a lot of time and money. Often, the condition of the machine indicates first signs of contaminated hydraulic oils. 


Our new brochure "Fluidmanagement kompakt" increases the awareness of the importance of hydraulic fluid to users and designers of stationary and mobile hydraulic systems and provides support in all questions concerning hydraulic oils. The brochure shows warning signs for contaminated oils, describes contamination causes and provides information on the correct choice of fluids. 


The heart of the brochure is the 10 golden rules of hydraulic oil maintenance, which help to keep oils clean and to avoid machine failures.  


You will receive your copy of the brochure "Fluidmanagement kompakt" free of charge in any HANSA-FLEX branch or by our service technicians.


Save your copy of the brochure in a shirt pocket format and contact us!



Compact knowledge about clean hydraulic oil (PDF)