New facilities and mobile workshops

The number of HANSA-FLEX branches around the world continues to grow month by month. In addition to the new country organisation in Singapore, further hydraulic shops and specialist workshops have been opened in Tuzla (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Kaliningrad (Russia) and São Paulo (Brazil). Parallel to this, the expansion of the Rapid Hydraulic Service in Germany and Austria is continuing. At the central locations in Bremen and Linz, five and two new service vehicles have been put into operation respectively. In addition, an additional vehicle of the Fluid Service was put into service, which is used in the region of East Germany.

Lim Thye Ann is in charge of HANSA-FLEX Singapore

Lim Thye Ann knows the hydraulic business in the ASEAN region in all its facets. Over the past 17 years the experienced sales manager has worked for Parker and most recently 12 years for Uniflex in Singapore. He was instrumental in making the Uniflex brand known in the region and developing the company into one of the leading suppliers of hose assembly machines.


During this time he was in close contact with HANSA-FLEX China and Thailand. Looking for new challenges, he decided to go back into the hose business and set up HANSA-FLEX Singapore as Managing Partner. “HANSA-FLEX’s exceptional product quality, high degree of professionalism and customer-oriented corporate culture convinced me to seize this great opportunity,” explains Lim Thye Ann.


He launched operations in Singapore with a small team, comprising one Rapid Hydraulic Service technician and an office worker. “We’re starting here on a very small scale, but the ASEAN region is huge and you can grow very rapidly here if you’re faster and more customer focused than the competition.”

New Sales Manager for HANSA-FLEX Spain

Julia Ade is the new Sales Manager at HANSA-FLEX Spain. The internationally experienced sales specialist will initially take charge of sales in the Cataluña, Levante and Aragón regions, where she will be responsible for key account management and new customer acquisition. There are plans for her to assume responsibility for the nationwide sales management in approximately one year’s time. In addition, she already heads the Manresa branch near Barcelona.


Julia Ade studied in Tübingen and San Francisco, and worked for many years in Canada and South America. She has in-depth experience in the international purchasing and sale of steel products, and left her position as Business Development Manager with Thyssenkrupp in Chile in order to join HANSA-FLEX. The Stuttgart-born manager has moved her place of residence to Barcelona in order to take up her new post, and says she is very much looking forward to the possibilities it offers: “Because I was looking for a new challenge it was my wish to work abroad in Europe and get to know a new company and new products.”

HANSA-FLEX trainee on a great adventure

Our trainee Daniel from the Celle branch has been travelling on behalf of HANSA-FLEX to the United Arab Emirates for over a week now. The task of the prospective wholesale and foreign trade merchant: to support the local colleagues in optimising processes and procedures. But in addition to exciting new impressions and challenges in the Arab-Emirati working world, Daniel has also experienced a few adventures in Dubai. His diary on our Facebook page tells you exactly what happened to him and how his training adventure will continue.

HANSA-FLEX introduces itself in Myanmar

The participants of the customer event in mid-October in Myanmar were offered a lot: Merlin Naisar, ASEAN Sales Representative, not only presented the new cooperation partner RMA Myanmar, a local distributor, but also HANSA-FLEX products and services to 50 customers.


The focus was on the hydraulic container workshop, the entire hose production process and HANSA-FLEX quality testing - in particular test mandrels, hose cleaning and embossing of the sleeves. Through RMA Myanmar, HANSA-FLEX is the first major western company to be represented locally.

More space for HANSA-FLEX Belgrade

The HANSA-FLEX branch in Belgrade has moved as part of its steady expansion. After doubling sales in the last five years, the demand for capacities has also increased. At the beginning of 2017, for example, a second branch was opened in the southwest of the Serbian capital as the first expansion measure. 


Now the space in the Serbian headquarters was no longer sufficient. Our colleagues have therefore been in Zemun, in the north of Belgrade, since 1 October. In addition to 150 m² of office space, 250 m² of workshop and storage space, an additional 300 m² of open space is available here. In the future, this will be used both for cylinder repair and aggregate construction. Drivers can look forward to the move twice over: HANSA-FLEX Belgrade finally has enough parking spaces. Here you will find the new location of the regional headquarters. 


We wish our colleagues a successful start at the new location!

Iron Gustavo Santos

It's done. Our Brazilian colleague Gustavo Santos successfully finished the oldest and most important Ironman race in the world in Hawaii. This time he could improve by 14 minutes compared to his last world championship participation and finished this race in 9:30:38 hours. Gustavo Santos made it difficult for himself to reach the 381st place (out of 2.307 participants in total) - in his age group he was 42. Here you can find the result of our athlete in detail.


We congratulate our colleague to this iron achievement and look forward to his next race!

New location and service vehicles

The HANSA-FLEX Group has also continued to grow this summer. Over the past three months five new branches and 16 new Rapid Hydraulic Service vehicles have been put into operation at several locations in Europe, America and Asia. The new branches are located in Sankt Johann in der Haide in the province of Styria in Austria, in the Turkish capital Ankara, in the town of Jundiaí in Brazil and the Portuguese town of Leiria.


HANSA-FLEX is now also on the ground in the Asian financial metropolis of Singapore with a branch and a Rapid Hydraulic Service vehicle. New service vehicles have also recently come into operation in Leiria (Portugal), Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Alvin (USA). In Southampton, UK, three new hydraulic workshops on wheels are now in action, in Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy) five new vehicles have been acquired, and HANSA-FLEX Northern Ireland operates four Rapid Hydraulic Service vehicles now.

An additional 18.000 squaremeters

Over the years, steady growth has led to an increasing shortage of space at HANSA-FLEX company headquarters and Central Warehouse 1 at Zum Panrepel 44 in Bremen. In order to meet the growing order intake and the constant increase in personnel, HANSA-FLEX has now purchased a 18,000 m² site – including 3,000 m² hall space and a 1,000 m² office area – in the immediate vicinity. The buildable area is 7,000 m².


The new location, at Von-Thünen-Straße 14, is less than a ten-minute walk from head office and offers plenty of space and restructuring options to relieve existing capacities and optimise our internal operations further. The central warehouse is already using the new site for the storage of hoses and as a buffer zone at peak order times.

Take-over in Northern Ireland

HANSA-FLEX has acquired the established hydraulic supplier Plant Hoses Ltd. in the Newtownabbey suburb of the Northern Irish capital Belfast. Headed by Managing Director Paul Murphy, the Dublin-based country organisation now has branches in the two largest and most important cities of the "Emerald Isle".


Plant Hoses has been in existence for over 15 years and has built up a strong market position and a broad customer base during this time. The company, one of Northern Ireland's largest hydraulic hose repair and replacement services with seven employees and four service vehicles, has been very successful in a wide range of industries. 

In addition to the construction and transport industries, these include agriculture, aerospace and shipping.


"Plant Hoses has earned a truly excellent reputation throughout Northern Ireland," says a delighted Paul Murphy. "The team is experienced and competent, and is also an excellent match for the HANSA-FLEX Group. We therefore didn’t hesitate for a second when the opportunity arose to take over the entire team." 


Following the take-over of Plant Hoses, HANSA-FLEX Ireland now has a total of eight employees in Ireland and operates four Rapid Hydraulic Service vehicles in Newtownabbey, Belfast.

HANSA-FLEX Fußballturnier 2018: Windy, sporty, exciting

One month ago, the annual HANSA-FLEX football world cup took place in Bremen-Arsten. Gladly we look back again and dive into the great mood of the tournament ...


Windy. Bremen lived up to its proximity to the North Sea and offered decent Nordic breezes with mostly dry weather - and even a bit of sunshine.


Athletic. With almost 800 players and fans, the tournament has reached a great number of participants again this year. For the first time, 30 teams from all over the HANSA-FLEX world arrived to grab the world championship title. A new record!


Exciting. In 75 preliminaries, our first knockout rounds were determined. All teams did well and played fair. In the final, team "HF Austria 1" and team "Cesko-Slovensko" faced each other and wrestled for the title in an exciting final game. With a deserved 2:1 finally prevailed "HF Austria 1" and got the trophy. We look forward to the next tournament, which is traditionally hosted by the winning country.


But this year not only the best teams were announced, but also for the first time special individual achievements were awarded. So the best goalkeeper, the best scorer and the best player were selected by the tournament committee.


We would like to thank all players and fans who made the football tournament unique. Of course, we also thank all the helpers and the TuS Komet Arsten for the great organization and use of the facility.

Cooperation and change of management in Belgium

[Translate to English:] Tessa De Vos

Since the middle of March HANSA-FLEX in Belgium has been working together with a competitor, the ABFlex+ Group. With seven branches and 28 service vehicles, the new cooperation partner occupies a strong position on the highly competitive market for mobile rapid hydraulic services.


This cooperation in mobile operations forms part of a new growth strategy for the fiercely competitive Belgian market. Responsibilities in Belgium have also been redistributed in line with this development. On 1 April, previous Country Manager Peter de Meyer left his post at his own request, although he will remain with the company as Technical & Operations Manager. He has been with HANSA-FLEX in Belgium from the very start and has laid the basis for the buildup of the entire organisation, managing its business over many years with great success. This has now become the responsibility of Tessa de Vos. The management graduate has many years of leadership experience and, as General Manager, has taken charge of the four-person management team in Belgium. She will be supported in this by Tim Ollendorf in his new capacity as Managing Director.

Dual management team in the Balkans

Mirko Mladina
Aleksandar Pljevaljčić
Tim Ollendorf

A change at the top in our country organisations in Croatia and Serbia: in the persons of Mirko Mladina and Aleksandar Pljevaljčić, two long-standing senior employees have been appointed to the management of their respective companies. After many years of strong growth, HANSA-FLEX Croatia has been in the capable hands of a new management duo since April. In his capacity as Sales Manager, Mirko Mladina has over many years made a major contribution to the company’s positive development.


After 13 years with the company he is now in charge of operations in Croatia, at the side of Tim Ollendorf. As a specialist in finance and controlling, the latter most recently supported HANSA-FLEX Croatia as Business Development Manager, with responsibility for administrative operations. In addition, Tim Ollendorf has this year also taken on the management of the HANSA-FLEX company in Serbia. As in its neighbouring country, a senior employee with many years of excellent service has been promoted to management here, too. Mechanical engineer Aleksandar Pljevaljčić has been with HANSA-FLEX in Serbia since 2011, and has since then ensured that the company has achieved an excellent market position with strong earnings.

This summer's trade fairs

Nothing beats personal interaction with customers, potential customers and cooperation partners. For this reason HANSA-FLEX regularly participates in the major domestic and international trade fairs. This summer the HANSA-FLEX trade fair team will be welcoming guests at the following events:


  • Tarmstedter Exhibition

    Northern Germany’s biggest tradeshow for agricultural

    machinery and technology takes place in Tarmstedt, 30

    km to the north-west of Bremen, from 6-9 July 2018.

    HANSA-FLEX will be there with the Event Mobile.

    China Diecasting

    From 18-20 July 2018 HANSA-FLEX will be presenting its

    products and services to trade visitors at the international

    diecasting fair in Shanghai‘s New International Expo Centre

    (SNIEC) at Stand N2-C46.

    Interforst Munich

    The leading international trade fair for forestry and forestry

    equipment only takes place every four years. From 18-22

    July 2018 will be able to view the HANSA-FLEX products

    and services at stand FM 809/3 on the outdoor exhibition

    area. The HANSA-FLEX Event

New branches and service vehicles

Absolute customer focus, short distances and fast response times are the key to the continued success of the HANSA-FLEX Group. This applies in Germany just as much as in all companies abroad, and it covers both the establishment of new branches and the ongoing expansion of the fleet operated by the mobile Rapid Hydraulic Service. In the spring of 2018 seven locations in five different countries were added to the worldwide branch network. In addition 11 new service vehicles have been put into operation throughout the company. The new branches are located in Brazilia in Carazinho (state of Rio Grande do Sul) and Itaguaí (state of Rio de Janeiro) as well as in České Budějovice (Czech Republic).

In Germany a new branch has been established in Luther’s city of Wittenberg in Saxony-Anhalt. In June of this year HANSA-FLEX began business operations in Ireland with branches in Dublin and Belfast. HANSA-FLEX UK is also continuing to expand and has opened a branch with three service vehicles in Southampton, on the south coast of England. In addition five new Rapid Hydraulic Service vehicles are in operation at company HQ in Bremen, with one new hydraulic workshop on wheels each in Elst, the Netherlands, Bolzano, Italy, and Klagenfurt, Austria.

Sponsoring membership of the DSB

Since the beginning of this year HANSA-FLEX has been a sponsoring member of Germany’s Fairground Operators’ Association (DSB). The DSB supports the fairground industry and the interests of its members within Germany. From its base in Berlin the industry association represents around 4,200 member companies.


The support of its sponsoring members is an important element for the future of the association. In the course of its membership HANSA-FLEX will participate in the association’s meetings and events, while benefiting from improved possibilities for the operation of the mobile Rapid Hydraulic Service at funfairs and popular festivals. The fairground business has a long tradition in Bremen, the home city of HANSA-FLEX, where a number of prestigious companies in the industry are based.

Electric cars for company HQ

Protecting the environment is one of the central values of the HANSA-FLEX AG mission statement. As part of our company-wide activities aimed at conserving natural resources and reducing emissions, three electric vehicles have been acquired at company HQ in Bremen and charging stations have been installed. Two of the three vehicles are used at headquarters as pool vehicles. They are used above all on the short but frequently travelled route between Central Warehouse 1 and the main hose line series production facility. The third electric vehicle is driven by Management Board Chairman Thomas Armerding.


The European Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) will replace the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) on 25.05.2018. In order to be able to implement the new ordinance by the reporting date, HANSA-FLEX AG has taken a number of measures in recent months.

As a result that is visible to you, we have extensively revised the privacy policy and made it DSGVO compliant.

For questions and suggestions on data protection, please feel free to contact our data protection officer.

Our data protection officer can be reached at:
E-Mail: datenschutz hansa-flex com
Tel .: +49 421 - 48907 221


Exactly ten years ago an extraordinary round-theworld off-road event was launched in Bremen. On 8 March 2008 the first teams set off from HANSA-FLEX company HQ in six strikingly decorated Toyota Landcruisers on their initial unforgettable adventure.


Over the coming years the HANSA-FLEX XWORLD was to complete three major journeys covering a total of 58 countries on four continents. Overall a distance of more than 160,000 km was to be covered in a varied range of challenging stages.


The first XWORLD in 2008/2009 led through Europe and Asia. During the journey to the easternmost point of the tour – Chabarovsk in Russia – the countries which were crossed included Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. One of the most moving moments was a visit to the village of Suak Nie in the province of Aceh on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.


Here HANSA-FLEX continues to the present day to support local people affected by the tsunami disaster. The highest point of the drive was reached in Tibet at 5,390 m. XWORLD South America in 2011/2012 saw the participants on the road in six VW Amaroks. They travelled through eight countries and, among other destinations, they visited the world’s southernmost point which is accessible by road (Tierra del Fuego at the end of Routa 3), and had to endure temperatures ranging from -12 °C in the mountains of Bolivia and +43 °C in Surinam.


However, two years later things were to get even 10 °C hotter. The top temperature at XWORLD Africa 2014/2015 was reached during the very first stage in Sudan. Overall the intercultural adventure journey took the participants with their six VW Amaroks

Chairmanship of an ISO standardisation committee

At the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Axel Tammen, Head of Technology & Quality Assurance at HANSA-FLEX AG, has been elected chairman of the committee on hydraulic hose lines. In the course of the election the graduate engineer was appointed to his highly responsible post by a unanimous vote.


As chairman of the ISO subcommittee on “ISO/TC45/SC01 Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies”, Axel Tammen will over the coming six years be responsible for the committee’s strategic business plan, its operations and the working groups assigned to him. In this capacity he will, among other tasks, take the chair at meetings of the committee and mediate between different national interests in order to establish a working consensus for every individual standardisation project.


The primary objective of the committee consists of adapting the standards relating to hydraulic hose lines to technical market developments. These developments are characterised on the one hand by higher performance capacities and longer product life cycles, and on the other by increased safety requirements. As a result the committee’s current programme covers 36 ISO standards, including norms which describe the requirements relating to the impulse testing or storage life of hose lines.


Axel Tammen is extremely well qualified for his new ISO role. He already has more than 20 years’ experience in global, European and German standardisation organisations and – as a project manager or working group leader – has brought a number of DIN, EN and ISO standards projects to a successful conclusion. His election to the chairmanship of this committee, which is made up of high-calibre international experts, is both personal recognition for his long-standing contribution to the work of standardisation, and an honour for the entire HANSA-FLEX corporate group.

The rapid hydraulic service is expanding

Its vehicles are well-equipped, accessible around the clock and can be on site at a minute’s notice. The mobile hydraulic workshops of the HANSA-FLEX Rapid Hydraulic Service provide fast support for mobile and stationary hydraulic systems, and prevent both machine breakdowns and costly downtime. In line with its worldwide growth HANSA-FLEX is continuously expanding the fleet of these strikingly designed service vans in many locations.


For example, HANSA-FLEX Italy alone now has four new service vehicles in operation. In addition the HANSA-FLEX country organisations in Switzerland and the Czech Republic have invested in two new vehicles each. Austria has three, the UK and Brazil each have one hydraulic workshop on wheels offering a fast allround hose service.

Hydraulik on Tour

This spring HANSA-FLEX is once more participating in a number of trade shows with a varied range of focal points. At our trade fair stand and in our hydraulics Eventmobile you can look forward to personal discussions as well as to innovative products and services. The HANSA-FLEX trade show team will be welcoming you at the following trade fairs:


The Tube - pipe and pipe-processing fair in Düsseldorf

From 16 to 20 April we are looking forward to meet you at 
the Tube 2018 in Düsseldorf. Out fair team will welcome you

in Hall 7A on Booth D19 at the world's most important fair for

tube and pipe processing machinery, manufacturing and 

trading as well as accessories.


The IFAT - waste disposal fair in Munich

From 14 to 18 May we’ll be getting together at IFAT 2018

in Munich. Our fair team looks forward to welcoming you

at Stand B4.421 in Hall B4 at the world’s leading trade

show for the water, waste water and waste management


Major 2018 VDBUM Seminar

From 20 to 23 February hundreds of decision-makers and experts from the construction industry met at the Sauerland Stern Hotel in Willingen for one of the most important seminar and networking events of the year. The theme of the 47th major VDBUM seminar, which featured a highly varied and practice-based programme of presentations, was: “People, the environment and machinery in the digital construction process”.


The International Hydraulics Academy (IHA) once more participated in the programme of the seminar with a workshop on diagnosing technical faults in construction machinery. HANSA-FLEX has been a member of the “Federation of the construction, environmental and mechanical engineering industry” since 1997, and once more took part in this popular industry gettogether with a sales team, the Eventmobile and a Rapid Hydraulic Service vehicle.

HANSA-FLEX near you

HANSA-FLEX Kocaeli (Turkey)
HANSA-FLEX Linz (Austria)
HANSA-FLEX Bauska (Latvia)
HANSA-FLEX Hengelo (Netherland)

In autumn, the expansion of branches in Germany and abroad has once again picked up speed. HANSA-FLEX opened a new branch in Kocaeli (Turkey) at the beginning of November. Strategically located on a main road that connects three large business parks, two colleagues are currently working for HANSA-FLEX. Only a year earlier, the second branch was opened near Istanbul, in Ümraniye. In addition, our location in Linz (Upper Austria) has increased. The branch has expanded by a hall. Hose line production and logistics were ramped up in mid-November and are now being steadily expanded with new products.

Finally, in the last week of November, a new branch opened in Hengelo in the Netherlands. Three employees look after the location in the middle of the largest industrial area of ​​Twente (Overijssel). In Bauska (Latvia), customers have been able to call on HANSA-FLEX's fast service since mid-December. Bauska, adjacent to Lithuania and close to Via Baltica/European Route 67, now has a service point with two employees.


Address Kocaeli:

HANSA-FLEX Hidrolik 

Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti.

Sultan Orhan Mah. 1180. Cad. No. 31

41400 Gebze-Kocaeli 

Türkei (Kocaeli)

Branch map Kocaeli


Address Linz:


Hydraulik GmbH

Dallingerstr. 19

4030 Linz 

Österreich (Oberösterreich)

Branch map Linz


Address Hengelo:

HANSA-FLEX Nederland B.V. 

Nederland B.V.

Topaasstraat 30

7554 TH Hengelo 

Niederlande (Overijssel)

Branch map Hengelo


Address Bauska:



Bauska MTA, Elektriķi, S/N

Codes pagasts, Bauskas novads

3901 Bauska 

Lettland (Bauskas novads)

Branch map Bauska

International expansion

The HANSA-FLEX Group is growing constantly and establishing additional branches, so that it can be even closer to customers all around the world.


In the last few months alone the opening of branches in four new locations has been celebrated. HANSA-FLEX is now on the ground in Sao Bernardo do Campo and in Campinas, both in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, together with Horsham in the UK and Bauska in Latvia.


This increases the overall number of HANSA-FLEX branches around the world to 416. As before you will find the search function for locations worldwide, with routing to all branches, on the ‘Home’ page of

Expansion in South-east Asia

The international expansion strategy of the HANSA-FLEX Group continues to focus on South-east Asia. With the establishment of sales organisations in Myanmar and South Korea, two new countries have been simultaneously added to the company's base in this high-growth region. In both countries the market launch is being implemented with carefully selected local partners.


Merlin Naisar, Sales Officer for the ASEAN region, is delighted by the recently signed contracts and the successful equipping of the new branches with products, tools and machinery. He particularly wishes to send his thanks to the HANSA-FLEX home base: “The trouble-free start of our operations in Myanmar and South Korea was made possible by the tremendous support we received from the two central stores and our colleagues in Austria. It was the ideal way of convincing our new partners of the cooperation, solidarity and efficiency within the HANSA-FLEX Group.”


Planning for further expansion in Asia in the year 2018 is already well under way, with the focus of activities on Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

New Country Manager for Estonia

38-year old mechanical engineer Priit Gradov has been appointed Country Manager of HANSA-FLEX Estonia. He has extensive experience in management and sales with international companies.


As a sales manager for oils and lubricants he has acquired comprehensive knowledge of the market and the industry in many important customer segments. “I'm looking forward to this new challenge within Europe's leading hydraulics supplier and will contribute to the full my extensive experience and contacts in the maritime industry, forestry, mining, manufacturing, transport and agriculture”, stated Priit Gradov on the occasion of his first visit to company HQ in Bremen.


We all welcome Priit Gradov to HANSA-FLEX and wish him the best possible start in his new post!

New country organisation in Ireland

HANSA-FLEX is expanding to Ireland and will soon be opening an overseas company based in Dublin. As Country Manager, Irishman Paul Murphy will be responsible for establishing and building up HANSA-FLEX Ireland. Before joining HANSA-FLEX the hydraulics expert built up an extensive network thanks to his management positions in sales and production at companies such as SMC Pneumatics, Gardner Denver and Parker Hannifin. Most recently he was Country Manager for Ireland at Parker in Dublin.


Paul Murphy is highly familiar with the hydraulics market in his country, and believes it offers excellent opportunities for HANSA-FLEX. “Customers in Ireland are very demanding when it comes to quality. They only trust best-in-class companies such as HANSA-FLEX to meet these requirements. I'm sure that with our strong customer focus we will not only meet these expectations, but will even exceed them”.


We wish Paul Murphy all the best for the launch of HANSA-FLEX Ireland!

New kit for 30 clubs

For many years now HANSA-FLEX has been donating high-quality sports kit to children’s and youth teams from all around the world. This year, too, 30 teams have been the delighted winners in our draw and have already participated in their initial matches wearing their new kit.


We wish all 30 teams continued sporting enjoy- ment and success, and hope that the kit we have donated will make a contribution to a positive team spirit.


Our sponsorship of junior clubs will of course continue next year. You will find all the relevant information on how to apply in the 1/2018 issue of “Hydraulikpresse”.

IBM Klub/ TSV Dagersheim
RK Varazdin
SC Langenhagen
Stolberger Turngemeinde U18
SV Braunsbedra
SV Demitz-Thumitz
SV Demitz-Thumitz
Turn- und Sportverein Steinenbronn

HANSA-FLEX India has a new Managing Director

New Zealander Alistair Wiggins will soon be taking charge of the future HANSA-FLEX overseas company in India as its Managing Director. A mechanical engineer, Mr Wiggins has worked for 25 successful years in the hydraulics industry. In the UK his posts included those of Managing Director of Pirtek and Director of the British Franchise Association.


Alistair Wiggins looks forward to his new responsibilities within the HANSA-FLEX family company: “I'm really happy to become part of the HANSA-FLEX team and look forward to establishing and developing our base on the Indian market.” Following a comprehensive analysis of the Indian market Business Development Manager Frank Schmidt and the new Managing Director will decide on the concrete form and location of the new overseas company.


We all welcome Alistair Wiggins to HANSA-FLEX and wish him the best possible start in India.

I spy with my little eye…

Pictures containing hidden objects are highly popular with young and old, and especially in the world of hydraulics there's lots to discover. We have therefore asked the artist Peter Knorr to create an exclusive hidden object picture for HANSA-FLEX, and you’ll find it enclosed as a poster with this issue.


Hidden in the picture are lots of little details which will surprise you again and again the more often you look at them. We hope you'll have fun exploring the colourful world of HANSA-FLEX!


About the artist:

  • The artist Peter Knorr is one of Germany's most prestigious authors of books featuring hidden object games. He has published a range of these books together with Doro Göbel. Their latest book “Die Flussfahrt” (A trip on the river) is published by Beltz & Gelberg Verlag and is available from bookshops.