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HANSA-FLEX Fußballturnier 2018: Windy, sporty, exciting

One month ago, the annual HANSA-FLEX football world cup took place in Bremen-Arsten. Gladly we look back again and dive into the great mood of the tournament ...


Windy. Bremen lived up to its proximity to the North Sea and offered decent Nordic breezes with mostly dry weather - and even a bit of sunshine.


Athletic. With almost 800 players and fans, the tournament has reached a great number of participants again this year. For the first time, 30 teams from all over the HANSA-FLEX world arrived to grab the world championship title. A new record!


Exciting. In 75 preliminaries, our first knockout rounds were determined. All teams did well and played fair. In the final, team "HF Austria 1" and team "Cesko-Slovensko" faced each other and wrestled for the title in an exciting final game. With a deserved 2:1 finally prevailed "HF Austria 1" and got the trophy. We look forward to the next tournament, which is traditionally hosted by the winning country.


But this year not only the best teams were announced, but also for the first time special individual achievements were awarded. So the best goalkeeper, the best scorer and the best player were selected by the tournament committee.


We would like to thank all players and fans who made the football tournament unique. Of course, we also thank all the helpers and the TuS Komet Arsten for the great organization and use of the facility.

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