News 2018


Cooperation and change of management in Belgium

Since the middle of March HANSA-FLEX in Belgium has been working together with a competitor, the ABFlex+ Group. With seven branches and 28 service vehicles, the new cooperation partner occupies a strong position on the highly competitive market for mobile rapid hydraulic services.


This cooperation in mobile operations forms part of a new growth strategy for the fiercely competitive Belgian market. Responsibilities in Belgium have also been redistributed in line with this development. On 1 April, previous Country Manager Peter de Meyer left his post at his own request, although he will remain with the company as Technical & Operations Manager. He has been with HANSA-FLEX in Belgium from the very start and has laid the basis for the buildup of the entire organisation, managing its business over many years with great success. This has now become the responsibility of Tessa de Vos. The management graduate has many years of leadership experience and, as General Manager, has taken charge of the four-person management team in Belgium. She will be supported in this by Tim Ollendorf in his new capacity as Managing Director.

Dual management team in the Balkans

A change at the top in our country organisations in Croatia and Serbia: in the persons of Mirko Mladina and Aleksandar Pljevaljčić, two long-standing senior employees have been appointed to the management of their respective companies. After many years of strong growth, HANSA-FLEX Croatia has been in the capable hands of a new management duo since April. In his capacity as Sales Manager, Mirko Mladina has over many years made a major contribution to the company’s positive development.


After 13 years with the company he is now in charge of operations in Croatia, at the side of Tim Ollendorf. As a specialist in finance and controlling, the latter most recently supported HANSA-FLEX Croatia as Business Development Manager, with responsibility for administrative operations. In addition, Tim Ollendorf has this year also taken on the management of the HANSA-FLEX company in Serbia. As in its neighbouring country, a senior employee with many years of excellent service has been promoted to management here, too. Mechanical engineer Aleksandar Pljevaljčić has been with HANSA-FLEX in Serbia since 2011, and has since then ensured that the company has achieved an excellent market position with strong earnings.

New branches and service vehicles

Absolute customer focus, short distances and fast response times are the key to the continued success of the HANSA-FLEX Group. This applies in Germany just as much as in all companies abroad, and it covers both the establishment of new branches and the ongoing expansion of the fleet operated by the mobile Rapid Hydraulic Service. In the spring of 2018 seven locations in five different countries were added to the worldwide branch network. In addition 11 new service vehicles have been put into operation throughout the company. The new branches are located in Brazilia in Carazinho (state of Rio Grande do Sul) and Itaguaí (state of Rio de Janeiro) as well as in České Budějovice (Czech Republic).

In Germany a new branch has been established in Luther’s city of Wittenberg in Saxony-Anhalt. In June of this year HANSA-FLEX began business operations in Ireland with branches in Dublin and Belfast. HANSA-FLEX UK is also continuing to expand and has opened a branch with three service vehicles in Southampton, on the south coast of England. In addition five new Rapid Hydraulic Service vehicles are in operation at company HQ in Bremen, with one new hydraulic workshop on wheels each in Elst, the Netherlands, Bolzano, Italy, and Klagenfurt, Austria.

Sponsoring membership of the DSB

Since the beginning of this year HANSA-FLEX has been a sponsoring member of Germany’s Fairground Operators’ Association (DSB). The DSB supports the fairground industry and the interests of its members within Germany. From its base in Berlin the industry association represents around 4,200 member companies.


The support of its sponsoring members is an important element for the future of the association. In the course of its membership HANSA-FLEX will participate in the association’s meetings and events, while benefiting from improved possibilities for the operation of the mobile Rapid Hydraulic Service at funfairs and popular festivals. The fairground business has a long tradition in Bremen, the home city of HANSA-FLEX, where a number of prestigious companies in the industry are based.

Electric cars for company HQ

Protecting the environment is one of the central values of the HANSA-FLEX AG mission statement. As part of our company-wide activities aimed at conserving natural resources and reducing emissions, three electric vehicles have been acquired at company HQ in Bremen and charging stations have been installed. Two of the three vehicles are used at headquarters as pool vehicles. They are used above all on the short but frequently travelled route between Central Warehouse 1 and the main hose line series production facility. The third electric vehicle is driven by Management Board Chairman Thomas Armerding.

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