Four successful weeks of "Schwimm mit uns"

The joint project "Schwimm mit uns" ("Swim with us") of the Bürgerstiftung Bremen, the Landessportbund Bremen, the DLRG and the Landesschwimmverband almost survived the first four weeks of its pilot phase. The mobile swimming pool was met with great enthusiasm by the kindergarten children. Thanks to the familiar surroundings and the presence of their educators, even the most fearful children dared to swim in the water and discovered the fun of swimming. 


In order to prepare more little non-swimmers for swimming and to correct minor mistakes in the process, the project goes into its second round after the summer holidays. Then the mobile swimming pool will be set up again for four weeks in a kindergarten - this time in the Bremen district of Gröpelingen. Previously, the HANSA-FLEX Foundation had supported the project with a donation of 5,000 euros.


Have you become curious as to what the mobile swimming pool might look like? You can see more on our Facebook page.

Round after round for the good cause

Running once around the Wilhelmsplatz in Görlitz and collecting money for a charitable project and your own school - that's exactly what numerous pupils of the Joliot-Curie-Gymnasium did on the last Friday in June. Within the framework of the so-called "Anderslauf", small teams of up to five pupils were able to run as many laps as they could manage within one hour.  


The name "Anderslauf" derives from the fact that the runners were allowed to run the laps in a jumping, running or disguised manner. All kinds of walking were allowed, fun was always the focus. Every team had the opportunity to find a sponsor for the run. This sponsor rewards the young athletes after reaching a predetermined number of laps with a donation, half of which goes to the class/school itself while the other half goes to the charitable project of the ASB "Wünschewagen". HANSA-FLEX donated here already for the second time and so the pupils were happy about 200 Euro, which they could contribute to the good cause.



Big rollout at Deefholt Dynamics e.V.

Tammo Vroom is visibly proud of the electric car.
Lots of technology - including HANSA-FLEX parts.

The students of Deefholt Dynamics e.V. had been working towards this day for a long time: Under the excited gaze of the approximately 300 attendees - a new spectator record! - the proud racing car designers (including our dual mechanical engineering student Tammo Vroom) presented this year's Formula Student Car on 18th of June. 


In order to present this product of hard work properly, the 2019 rollout took place on the parking lot of the Private University of Economics and Technology in Vechta/Diepholz. Here the car did a few laps and showed what its electric drive could do. This spectacle was accompanied by fireworks and smoke bombs in the colours of Deefholt Dynamics e.V. - orange and blue. The technical refinements of the new racing car were also presented: this year's model is significantly lighter than its predecessor from last year.


With this racing car the students will start in July at FS East and in August at FS Spain and hope to be able to occupy a place in the top third.


We congratulate on the successful rollout and wish you much success in the upcoming races!


Worth seeing: The trailer for the rollout.

A great success for our university graduates

On 7 June the hats flew up again at Jacobs University in Bremen: The graduating class of 2019 celebrated their graduation - including Alexandr Korolchuk from Kazakhstan, Syeda Alizae Fatima from Pakistan and Barbara Begaj from Albania. All three are scholarship holders of the HANSA-FLEX Foundation. This foundation had previously supported the three-year bachelor's degree programme of the new graduates. For this reason, Foundation Chairman Thorsten Armerding was also on site to congratulate the three on their success. Personal contact with the foundation's protégés is particularly important to him.


This makes the young academics one of a total of 20 scholarship holders whom the HANSA-FLEX Foundation will have supported in their studies between 2013 and 2020. Promoting young talent is one of the foundation's central ambitions.


This year's scholarship holders all completed a Bachelor of Science, but each in a different subject area:

  • Alexandr Korolchuk (Kazakhstan) - Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Syeda Alizae Fatima (Pakistan) - Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Barbara Begaj (Albania) - Medical Chemistry and Chemical Biology


We congratulate the graduates and wish them all the best for the future!

Foundation supports mourning aid for children and young people

To give mourning children and adolescents the feeling of not being alone:This is the mission of "Trauerland - Zentrum für trauernde Kinder und Jugendliche e.V. (Centre for mourning children and adolescents)" and it accompanies young people on their way to cope with the loss of loved ones.


In addition to 15 mourning groups, in which currently over 170 children and young people have found a place, the Bremen association provides numerous other offers of help for its protégés. This is made possible among other things by the tireless commitment of its employees, 130 of whom are volunteers. Before being deployed as grief counsellors, they go through a comprehensive qualification and training process in order to be able to offer adequate help to the youngest members of our society. 


The HANSA-FLEX Foundation has supported this remarkable and important work of the association with a donation of 5,000 euros. Keep it up!

HANSA-FLEX Foundation promotes mobile water pool for swimming beginners

Unfortunately, it is no longer a matter of course for children to be able to swim safely.  Approximately half of all primary school children in Bremen lack this ability, which repeatedly led to tragic bathing accidents last summer. In order to counteract this development, the Bürgerstiftung Bremen (Civic Trust Bremen), in cooperation with the Landessportbund Bremen (State Sport Federation Bremen), the DLRG (German Life Saving Society) and the Landesschwimmverband (National Swimming Federation), has set up the "Swim with us" project. In the course of this project, a mobile swimming pool was developed. In this pool, children should get used to the water in their last year at nursery school, discover the fun of bathing, but also learn what dangers cool water can hold for them. The highlight here is that the swimming pool comes to the children and is to be built on kindergarten grounds, school yards and sports fields in the future. 



It is currently located on the grounds of the St. Georg daycare centre in Huchting, Bremen, where it was ceremoniously opened today. As part of an initial pilot project, the pool is to be set up here for four weeks and integrated into the day-to-day running of the kindergarten. The HANSA-FLEX Foundation was also present at the opening and supported this important project with a donation of 5,000 euros. The kindergarten children themselves could hardly wait to try out the new pool - we hope you enjoy it!

Eberhard Muras (left), Chairman of the Bürgerstiftung (Civic Trust) Bremen and Thorsten Armerding, Chairman of the HANSA-FLEX Foundation

A special "jersey swap"

As a long-time sponsor of Werder Bremen, we received one of the rare and coveted 120-year anniversary jerseys from the strictly limited edition of the Bundesliga club - and auctioned it off for a good cause. Even before the season finale against RB Leipzig, we handed it over to the highest bidder.


Roland Maier, manager of the Ulm branch, presented the original Werder Bremen anniversary jersey with the flocking and signature of Claudio Pizarro to Claudius Heinrich from Fronreute (Ravensburg district). The auction amount of 665 Euro will be 100% donated to the youth soccer project SPIELRAUM of SV Werder. Within the framework of this project, the club offers regular and sustainable football offers for young fugitives in the area around the Weserstadion and in several districts of Bremen.


We you a lot of fun with this unique piece!



Refined by Claudio Pizarro - Werder anniversary jersey for sale at auction

Claudio Pizarro and Matthias Henke, Director Sales & Marketing


We are auctioning off an original Werder Bremen anniversary jersey with number 4 and the signature of Werder legend Claudio Pizarro - the entire proceeds will go to the integration work with young fugitives in Bremen.


As a long-time sponsor of Werder Bremen, we have received one of the rare and coveted 120-year anniversary jerseys from the strictly limited edition of the Bundesliga club. This jersey with the original signature of Claudio Pizarro will be auctioned off for the benefit of the youth football project SPIELRAUM of SV Werder Bremen.


More information and the link to the auction can be found at The auction started today and ends on 15 April 2019.


We wish you every success in your bidding and hope for a high donation sum!

Christmas campaign "Donations instead of gifts 2018": You have decided!

The result of the HANSA-FLEX Christmas campaign "Donations instead of gifts 2018" has been confirmed. Business partners, employees and friends of HANSA-FLEX had the opportunity to use their votes to decide on the distribution of the donation sum of 55,000 euros. 


Their votes led to the following result:

The Engineers without borders was able to win the most votes for its project in Tanzania. Thus the construction of rainwater cisterns is supported with a sum of 30,000 euros


The second highest number of votes went to Viva con Agua e.V. He and his WASH project in Uganda can look forward to a donation of 15,000 euros.


The third highest donation of 10.000 Euro goes to BORDA e.V. and the installation of Septic Bags in the Rohingya Camp in Bangladesh.


We congratulate the aid organisations and look forward to the new cooperation!


As last year, we will keep you informed about the projects and the progress made there in our magazine Hydraulikpresse, on our website and on our Facebook page.


More information about the projects and the Christmas campaign can be found here:

"Donations instead of gifts" enters the second round

Last year, around 3,000 business partners, employees and friends of HANSA-FLEX took part in the Christmas campaign "Donations instead of gifts" and cast their votes for a project of their choice.


Since the donation cheque was handed over in January of this year, a lot has happened in the three project regions of Nepal, Guinea and India. Find out what great progress has been made thanks to the HANSA-FLEX Christmas donation here



Donations instead of gifts 2018


In addition, the principle 'You choose, we donate' goes into the second round! Also this Christmas, 55,000 Euros of donations will be distributed through your vote to three new, specifically selected projects. Once again, the focus of the projects is on unimpeded access to clean drinking water and environmentally friendly wastewater solutions worldwide. You can see which aid projects count on your vote this year on the action page Donations instead of gifts 2018.

Thanks to the HANSA-FLEX donation of 10,000 euros, BORDA e.V. was able to build a plant for the treatment of faecal sludge.
In Leh, India, around 12,000 litres of faecal sludge can be treated every day.
BORDA and its cooperation partners are currently investigating how the operation of the plant can be further improved.
The 30,000 Euro donation for the project of the Engineers Without Borders e.V. went into the construction of a rainwater cistern.
The ceiling slab was completed on the 10th project day.
Also part of the project: hygiene training for the pupils of the village school.
Through the commitment of Viva con Agua e.V., a supply of clean drinking water was established at eight schools in the Chitwan region, Nepal.

Check handover of the HANSA-FLEX Christmas campaign "Donations instead of gifts"

On the occasion of its 55th anniversary, HANSA-FLEX AG is donating 55,000 euros to three non-profit organizations that promote clean drinking water and environmentally sound wastewater solutions all over the world.


The donation checks were handed over on Tuesday, January 30th at the HANSA-FLEX headquarter in Bremen-Mahndorf. The first personal meeting of the three board members of HANSA-FLEX AG with the representatives of the aid organizations also marked the beginning of an ongoing exchange of information on the progress and concrete measures of the individual projects. Insights into the projects and situations on site were gained in interesting discussions and it became once more very clear how important the donations for the water projects are. 


For Thomas Armerding, CEO of HANSA-FLEX AG, the focus is above all on the long-term perspective of the engagement. "As a global family business, we have a responsibility for the well-being of local people and want to support sustainable improvements. In addition, through continuous reporting, we will raise awareness of the work of aid agencies and encourage as many people as possible to support the work of the organizations through their own donations. "



With this in mind, we will continue to report on the progress of the projects on our website, on Facebook and in the customer and employee newspaper Hydraulikpresse. Further information about the supported projects and the responsible aid organizations can be found in a clear and concise summary at

[Translate to English:] v.l.n.r. Thomas Armerding (Vorstandsvorsitzender HANSA-FLEX AG), Johannes Tomczak (Viva con Agua), Mareike Demel (Ingenieure ohne Grenzen), Stefan Reuter (BORDA), Uwe Buschmann (Vorstandsmitglied HANSA-FLEX AG), Christian-Hans Bültemeier (Vorstandsmitglied HANSA-FLEX AG)

2017 Christmas initiative "Donations instead of gifts": The votes have been counted

Last year HANSA-FLEX decided on a very special Christmas initiative! On the occasion of the company's 55th anniversary HANSA-FLEX is donating €55,000 to three carefully selected aid projects. Under the slogan “Donations instead of gifts” business associates, staff and friends were able to vote on the distribution of the amount to be donated on our Initiative page until 31 December. The donation will be distributed as follows:


Of the approximately 3,000 votes received, the largest number went to the organisation and project of Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V. (€30,000), followed by Viva con Agua e.V. (€15,000), while the third largest donation (€10,000) will go to BORDA e.V.


We congratulate all three organisations, and look forward to working with them. 


Here's an outline of the projects once more.


Under this project the aid organisation Ingenieure ohne Grenzen will use the donation to provide the more than 100 pupils of a school in a rural area of Guinea with access to clean drinking water. The rainwater cisterns which are being planned will increase hygiene conditions and improve health levels in the area. In addition local workers will receive technical training, enabling them to pass on their skills to others.


The project planned by Viva con Agua de St. Pauli e.V. is aimed at effective improvement of the WASH situation (WASH stands for water, sanitation and hygiene) in the rural Chitwan region of Nepal to the south of the capital city Kathmandu, and will improve living conditions for more than 39,000 people. The €15,000 donation from HANSA-FLEX will help to provide schools in the project region with drinking water and sanitary facilities, together with instruction on hygiene for the schoolchildren. 


With the aid of HANSA-FLEX, BORDA e.V. (Bremer Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Überseeforschung und Entwicklung) will be providing aid activities in the town of Leh (northern India). The town lies at an altitude of 3,500 m and is one of the world's highest locations under continuous occupation. There is a lack of sustainable sewage treatment facilities, which represents a threat to the health of local people and causes environmental pollution. In addition, a noticeable rise in the number of tourists has placed an additional strain on the fragile ecosystem of this isolated region. Faecal sludge management (FSM) will provide a solution to these problems. In addition, BORDA supports the local authorities and the private sector in faecal sludge management operations.


There will soon be reports on the progress of the projects which are involved here as well as in this year's issues of HYDRAULIC PRESS and on the HANSA-FLEX Facebook page. Further information about the initiative and the projects is available at

Christmas donation to a Latvian orphanage

Weihnachtsspende 2014

This tradition is close to our hearts: for many years now, we have made a donation to a charitable project in a country in which we operate foreign subsidiaries at Christmas time. We donate 100 euros per foreign subsidiary – so with the current total of 40, 4,000 euros have been donated in 2014.


This year, our donation went to the orphanage and children’s social centre in Gaujiena, Latvia. Music is an important aspect of the educational approach there, however the state-funded facility’s budget for additional musical instruments is unfortunately very small. We are therefore delighted that our donation could be used to purchase several new instruments.



International donations at Christmas

True to tradition, in 2013 we will once more be donating €100 to a charitable organisation on behalf of each of the 39 HANSA-FLEX companies outside Germany. In addition in the first quarter of 2014 we will be opening a new branch in Chile, which is already included in this year's Christmas donation. The result is an amount of €4000, which we will be donating to the “Helping Hands UAE” organisation.


Helping Hands UAE is a charitable organisation which has the aim of helping underpaid or unpaid foreign workers in the United Arab Emirates. These often work seven days a week and receive USD 135 a month as a rule, but often they have to wait months for their pay. Helping Hands UAE provides these penniless workers with food and clothing, helping them to get through the periods when they go unpaid. With our donation we will support this organisation in carrying on with its important work.


HANSA-FLEX has been operating an overseas company in the United Arab Emirate's since 2004. This is why we feel a special commitment towards this region and wish to extend a helping hand to it in the form of our donation.

International Christmas Donation

In place of the conventional Christmas presents we traditionally make a donation at Christmas to a charitable institution - €100 for each country in which HANSA-FLEX has a subsidiary. As HANSA-FLEX is now represented in 40 countries, this makes a total of €4,000, which we are pleased to announce will be donated this year to the Children´s Cancer Center of Lebanon.

The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), established in Beirut, is a unique regional center for the comprehensive treatment of pediatric cancer. The CCCL depends on donations, and its ability to fulfil its mission is constrained by the availability of funds at its disposal. The CCCL covers all costs of care beyond those reimbursable by third party payments and the total costs when the latter are not available. The organisation supports all children with cancer and their families through securing funds to ensure access to the latest treatment, regardless of ability to pay. They also deliver psychosocial services to help fight the disease and are providing education to create better understanding and awareness.

Lebanon was recovering after years of disturbances but is now affected by the unstable situation in Syria. Therefore we find it important to support a NGO in this country. Our relationships to Lebanon are reaching back to 1997 when we established a partnership with the company Chaghoury in Chekka. Chaghoury distributes HANSA-FLEX products and services for 15 years now and is known as a reliable partner to our company.

HANSA-FLEX AG celebrates big summer party

Handover of donation to the Jona children's hospice

Bremen, 16 July 2012. On Saturday, 14 July 2012 - in the year of it's 50th anniversary - the HANSA-FLEX AG celebrated a big summer party on the grounds of the company headquarters in Bremen-Mahndorf. The celebration was attended by over 800 employees, customers and friends of the system supplier to the hydraulics industry.

Sparkasse Bremen opted not to present the management board with the otherwise obligatory anniversary gifts, but instead made a donation to HANSA-FLEX in the amount of EUR 500. The management board of the hydraulics company matched this amount and handed over a donation cheque of EUR 1,000 to Ms. Phipps, representing the Jona children's hospice in Bremen, while the party was still under way. The same institution also received a donation from HANSA-FLEX in 2010, when the profits from a trainee bring-and-buy sale were also doubled with a generous contribution from the management board.

In honour of this very special day, Mr Volkmar, the Area Director of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce, presented management board members Thomas Armerding and Uwe Buschmann with a certificate of congratulation commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of HANSA-FLEX AG.

Herr Volkmar Herr (mitte), Bereichsleiter der Handelskammer Bremen, überreicht die Glückwunschurkunde an die Vorstandsmitglieder Thomas Armerding (rechts) und Uwe Buschmann(links).
Herr Volkmar Herr (Mitte), Bereichsleiter der Handelskammer Bremen, überreicht die Glückwunschurkunde an die Vorstandsmitglieder Thomas Armerding (rechts) und Uwe Buschmann (links).
Herr Uwe Buschmann (links) überreicht Frau Phipps (Mitte) vom Kinderhospiz Jona in Bremen einen Scheck von 1.000,-EUR.
Herr Uwe Buschmann (links) überreicht Frau Phipps (Mitte) vom Kinderhospiz Jona in Bremen einen Scheck von 1.000,-EUR.
Uwe Buschmann, Frau Phipps und Thomas Armerding (v.l.n.r.).
Das Sommerfest auf dem Gelände der HANSA-FLEX AG

International donations at Christmas

Every year at Christmas, HANSA-FLEX AG traditionally donates 100 euro for each foreign subsidiary to a selected charitable institution. Since we are now represented in 39 different countries, this amounts to a total of 3,900 euro, which this year will gladden hearts at the Klokanek Children's Home in Brno (Czech Republic).

The Klokanek Children's Home is an independent organisation that relies entirely on donations to enable it to carry out its work. The home cares for up to 78 children ranging in age from newborn to 18. It accommodates orphans, homeless children, victims of domestic or sexual violence, those who have been abandoned by their parents or have endured other horrifying experiences. Three to four children live in a group with their attachment persons, or "aunts", as in a real family.


The donation of 3,900 euros will be used for the daily running of the institution. Besides toys and learning materials, the donation will also be used to finance events such as visits to the zoo or similar trips.

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