News from the "HANSA-FLEX Racing Stable"

We have expanded our motorsport support for young designers: In addition to Deefholt Dynamics e.V., we now also support students at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld. The HSNR Racing Team exists for eight years and has been participating in Formula Student races since 2012. In recent weeks, the 25 active members have intensively prepared for the upcoming racing season: Several times a week they brought their car to its limit on a race track in order to be prepared for all eventualities. What their racing car actually has under its bonnet will become apparent in mid-August in the Czech Republic (last week the car already rolled at Formula Student Austria).



We wish the young designers good luck on the big race track and are looking forward to supporting another dedicated team! 

Große Handballparty für kleine Sportler

A true handball festival took place at the end of June in Guarda, Portugal, the country's highest city: The National Meeting of the Minis. Around 1,500 athletes joined together to form over 110 teams and competed against each other in the course of the four-day spectacle. Eight venues had been installed and the athletes were accommodated in the local schools.  


The special feature was that all participants were children between the ages of eight and ten. They had travelled from all over Portugal, including the islands, to participate in the annual National Meeting of the Minis. A team from FC Gaia had also arrived. They caught the eye with their canary yellow jerseys, which they had won earlier this year at the HANSA-FLEX club sponsorship 'Your new jersey' and were finally able to present to a large audience.


Many thanks to FC Gaia for the great photos - we wish them continued fun and success with their jerseys!

The winners of the club sponsorship 2019 have been announced

At the beginning of the year, HANSA-FLEX has traditionally announced the raffle of 30 kits for children and youth teams.


This year, the campaign again achieved a record number of participants - over 930 teams from 19 countries applied for the popular sponsorship. Thank you for your participation!


Here are the 30 winners of this year's raffle:


  • Best Kids Reghin, Fußball, Rumänien
  • Bornaer SV, Fußball, Deutschland
  • FAIR PLAY, Fußball, Bosnien und Herzegovina
  • FC Gaia, Handball, Portugal
  • FC Tiigrid, Fußball , Estland
  • FKTJ Skačany, Fußball, Slowakei
  • Houthalen VV, Fußball, Belgien
  • HSG Schwanewede/Neuenkirchen, Handball, Deutschland
  • KK DOŠK, Fußball, Kroatien
  • Moerser TV, Hockey, Deutschland
  • OFK Slovan Poproč, Fußball, Slowakei
  • Platt lane junior blues , Fußball, Großbritannien
  • SC Hainberg 1980 e.V., Fußball, Deutschland
  • SC-Stronsdorf, Fußball, Österreich
  • Schenefelder Turnerschaft, Fußball, Deutschland
  • SG Letter 05, Fußball, Deutschland
  • Sportclub Spremberg 1896 e.V., Fußball, Deutschland
  • SV 1920 Altenburg e.V., Fußball, Deutschland
  • SV Anger, Fußball, Österreich 
  • SV Grün-Weiss Vernum e.V., Basketball, Deutschland
  • SV Hausmannstätten, Fußball, Österreich
  • SV Hilkenbrook, Tischtennis, Deutschland
  • SV Karow 96, Fußball, Deutschland
  • SV Merseburg Meuschau e.V., Fußball, Deutschland
  • Sv Steinhagen, Fußball, Deutschland
  • TSV Stallwang, Fußball, Deutschland
  • TuS Frisia Goldenstedt, Fußball, Deutschland
  • TuS Heidkrug 2010, Fußball, Deutschland
  • Tuspo Waldau, Handball, Deutschland
  • White Devil, Basketball, Deutschland



Congratulations and "fair play"! You can find more information about the campaign here - photos of the winners from 2019 will follow.

We are sponsoring 30 youth teams – apply now!

Our club sponsorship will once again continue this year. Clubs from around the world can apply to each win €1,000 worth of team kits or other sports attire for their children’s and youth teams. This will enable the 30 winning clubs to brand new kits for at least on full team!


To take part in the prize draw, please register your children’s or youth team on our website The closing date for entries is 30 April 2019. Please note: Only children’s and youth teams will be concidered for the draw. For Terms and Conditions please visit our website.

Sport sponsorship for the future

Once again this year, HANSA-FLEX has equipped 30 children's and youth teams from all over the world with new, uniform sportswear worth 1,000 euros. Some of the teams are now showing us their new jerseys.


So that young teams can continue to show their solidarity and team spirit in the future, the popular sports fundraising campaign 2019 is going into the next round. Applications will be possible from March at


We wish all teams much success, exciting games and fun in the new teamdress!

FSV Fortuna 90 Neuenkirchen
SV Eintracht Derenburg
TSV Dagersheim
TSV Achim-Uesen
VfR 1920 Ilbenstadt
Sportvereinigung Bissingen

Our "Ironman" is getting ready to go

Slowly it is getting serious for our Brazilian colleague Gustavo Santos. Already in two days, next Saturday, October 13th, he will start on Big Island (Hawaii) at the most famous and oldest Ironman race in the world.


Since mid-May, he has been preparing intensively and sweatily for this great day. His goal: to finish the race as one of the first five of his age group. 


We keep our fingers crossed for Gustavo Santos and wish him every success for the race of his life! 

You can find out more about our "HANSA-FLEX Ironman" and his sporting tips on our Facebook page. Here we show a video series of our athlete in which he talks about discipline, self-confidence and emotional intelligence.

Excerpts of the video series
3.8 km swimming in strong currents
180.2 km cycling on a challenging & windy
42.195 km running in brooding heat

Elektro-Rennwagen-Finale für die Deefholt Dynamics endet mit Top-10-Platzierung

Vor genau einem Monat startete unser Auszubildender für Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen mit seinem Deefholt Dynamics Racingteam in Hockenheim zum finalen Abschlussevent der Formula Student. Vom 06.08.2018 bis zum 12.08.2018 erlebte das Team um unseren Azubi eine Woche voller Höhen, Tiefen und viel Arbeit.


Der Start in das Event versprach viel: Alle statischen Disziplinen wurde ohne weiteres bestanden und auch das erste dynamische Event, das Acceleration Event (Beschleunigung auf der Zielgeraden) wurde gemeistert. Auf einer einfachen Testfahrt am sechsten Eventtag jedoch blieb das Elektro-Rennauto DD-E16 aus zunächst unerklärlichen Gründen liegen.


Das Problem konnte nicht vor Ende der Autocross-Disziplin lokalisiert werden, sodass an diesem Wettbewerb nicht teilgenommen werden konnte. Am Ende des Tages fand das Team um Jonas Schnackenberg heraus, dass ein loser Stecker für den unglücklichen Ausfall verantwortlich war. So konnten die ehrgeizigen Studenten noch am letzten Tag der Formula Student Germany in der Königsdisziplin glänzen: Im Endurance war es dem Team mit dem DD-E16 möglich, die vollen 22 km durchzufahren, was eine Platzierung in den Top 10 in dieser Disziplin bedeutete. Wir gratulieren dem Deefholt Dynamics Racingteam ganz herzlich zu diesem Erfolg und sind stolz auf den Willen und Ehrgeiz, das Event positiv abzuschließen. 


Kennen Sie schon unsere Facebook-Seite? Hier können Sie weitere Eindrücke über das Event gewinnen.


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