HANSA-FLEX sport sponsoring

Sports activities and events are often no longer viable in the modern-day world without sponsorship. They are based on the concerted efforts and commitment of all those involved. Consequently, sports sponsoring for HANSA-FLEX is much more than just a static element of the company's corporate communications. It is a dynamic process focused primarily on children's and youth sports.


Club sponsorship 2018 - HANSA-FLEX is hosting 30 youth teams

Jerseys are much more than sportswear - they are a sign of team spirit and club affiliation. For the 17th time, HANSA-FLEX is sponsoring youth teams from all over the world, thus strengthening their team spirit. Clubs that register under your-new-jersey.com until May 2, 2018, can win sets of jerseys and other sportswear worth 1,000 euros each.



The sport is just as crucial as the country of origin of the club. The only condition: Only children and youth teams are allowed for the raffle. Winners will be notified personally.

Club sponsorship 2014 – apply now!

The popular HANSA-FLEX club sponsorship will continue in 2014. Clubs from around the world can apply to win €1,000 worth of team kits or other sports attire per club for their children’s and youth teams. This will enable the 30 winning clubs to buy brand new kits for at least one full team! To enter the draw, visit our website www.your-new-jersey.com. The closing date for entries is  30 May 2014.


Terms and conditions: 

Register your children's or youth team to take part in the prize draw. Registration is open until 30 May 2014. Only children's and youth teams are eligible for the prize draw. 

Our city, our club

Logo Werder Bremen Team 11

HANSA-FLEX AG will again be a Team 11 sponsor of SV Werder Bremen for the 2012/13 German football season. As a global organisation with its roots in Bremen, commitment to the Bremen's top-flight football team is a point of honour for HANSA-FLEX. Werder Bremen –our city, our club!
The local connection, the high degree of awareness and, not least, the team's attractive playing style makes SV Werder Bremen a perfect advertising vehicle for HANSA-FLEX. CEO Thomas Armerding sees a further parallel: "The same applies to the internal structures of our medium-size, family-run business as to a sports club: regardless of growth and triumphs, the family feel should be maintained because what is the point of success and esteem if you you're not enjoying the whole thing anymore?"

From passion comes success. That is what we wish SV Werder Bremen for this season!

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Go Panthers

Logo ERC Ingolstadt

As in previous years, this season too we are proud to support ERC Ingolstadt. This year too, we will be on display at the home rink of the federal ice hockey league team in the form of perimeter advertising.
Ice hockey is the fastest team sport in the world. Energy and stamina are as important as the perfect harmony of all members of the team and technical skill. It is these virtues that delight the followers of the 2005 cup winning team and last year's semifinalists just as HANSA-FLEX AG keeps its customers coming back.
We will be cheering them on to more success at every game.

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Support for Children's and Youth Teams

HANSA-FLEX AG sponsors 50 sportsclubs

For the 50th anniversary of the company, the Bremen firm Hansa-Flex AG has launched a very special sponsorship campaign. The children's and youth teams of sports clubs should now sit up and take notice: with the campaign "50 Years - 50 Clubs" the hydraulic systems supplier is supporting 50 sports clubs with sets of jerseys or other forms of sports clothing worth €1,000 each. The sport and the country of origin of the club are not important. The sole condition: only children's and youth teams will be considered for the draw. Those interested can apply online at www.hansa-flex.com/50sportsclubs until 11 May, 2012. The winners will be notified personally after the draw.


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