The HANSA-FLEX Chronicle

The HANSA-FLEX story began more than 55 years ago in a small garage in Achim near Bremen. The first hose lines were assembled by Joachim Armerding himself on a green workbench (which is still in the company headquarters in Bremen today). Nobody had any idea at the time that this small company would one day develop into a globally active company. But with a lot of passion, ambition and an understanding of quality that is as valid today as it was then, the business idea quickly became a success. Soon a larger workshop was needed and the first employees were hired.

1962, January

Joachim Armerding establishes the firm "Joachim Armerding Industriebedarf" and thereby lays the foundation stone for the subsequent firm HANSA-FLEX AG. The company headquarters is Joachim Armerding's garage, where the first hose was assembled on the legendary "green workbench", that until today can be seen at the headquarter.


The increasing demand for hydraulic hoses - and at the urging of his customers - Joachim Armerding sets up his first workshop in a former plumbing firm in Bremen. The first employee is recruited in the same year.


In the middle of the 1960s the annual turnover exceeds the DM 100,000 level for the first time.
In Osnabruck the second branch is opened in an old joiner's workshop. His friend and companion Günter Buschmann manages this branch, joining the company as a partner.


In the 1970 business year the annual turnover reaches more than DM 1,000,000 for the first time. Further branches will be opened in the coming years.


In the Bremen suburb of Mahndorf the reconstruction of the first headquarters is inaugurated. In the same year the third branch opens its doors in Elze.


With the establishment of the fourth branch in Duisburg the company name "Joachim Armerding Industriebedarf" is out-of-date. The company is renamed "HANSA-FLEX".


The first group-wide company logo is introduced and used until 1989. It shows an implied hose together with standard fittings. Even then HANSA-FLEX red was used as the corporate colour.


With more than 25 employees HANSA-FLEX achieves an annual turnover of more than DM 10,000,000 for the first time.

1980, February

HANSA-FLEX enters the digital age. At the beginning of 1980 the eight branches are provided with computer systems that are networked with the headquarters in Bremen. 


In Höxter the first business unit outside the standard hydraulic applications is founded with HANSA-FLEX Metallschlauch GmbH. With immediate effect HANSA-FLEX produce metal hose lines, which are used in particular in the food and chemical industries.


The company grows and grows. In the middle of 1984 HANSA-FLEX has more than 100 employees for the first time at 15 different branches.

1986, January

With Thomas Armerding and Uwe Buschmann the sons of the company founders join the business and learn the business processes from the ground up. A forward-looking step which ensures the continuation of the business as a family-run company.

1989, February

HANSA-FLEX becomes international: In the Dutch town of Elst the first foreign branch is opened on March 1.


HANSA-FLEX grows and grows. On a larger site in the same street a new headquarters is set up. Here there is also a new manually operated central warehouse. In the same year the company logo, which is still used today, is introduced. In the meantime there are 26 HANSA-FLEX branches.


The BJU/ASU awards Joachim Armerding the certificate for the Entrepreneur of the Year 1990. In the same year the first branch in the former East German states is opened in Schwerin.


The automatic small parts warehouse (AKL) with 3 aisles is put into operation in Bremen. From now on the warehousing of these articles is automatic. In the same year a second administration building is opened in Bremen.

1995, May

Thomas Armerding and Uwe Buschmann are appointed Managing Directors. As a result the second generation of the families takes over managerial positions at HANSA-FLEX. At the end of 1995 HANSA-FLEX are operating 51 branches worldwide.


The turnover of the HANSA-FLEX Group climbs over DM 100,000,000 for the first time. In May 1996 the company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. The number of worldwide branches has grown to 65.


In the Turkish town of Iskenderun HANSA-FLEX opens the first branch outside Europe. Overall the company operates 86 branches in 12 countries. Of these, 65 are in Germany.

1998, January

HANSA-FLEX has a workforce of more than 1,000 for the first time. At the end of January 1998 there are 90 worldwide branches.

1998, December

In Schönebeck HANSA-FLEX establishes the pipe bending centre. From now on HANSA-FLEX manufactures and bends pipelines for all fields of application. The number of branches has risen to 111.


Steady course for growth. With the opening of HANSA-FLEX USA in Billings/Montana and HANSA-FLEX Brazil in Blumenau the company is represented on the American continent for the first time. Overall there are 120 branches worldwide.

2001, January

The first foreign branch in Africa is opened in Port Elisabeth (South Africa). In the same month the cylinder repair section starts operations in Königshofen and the sealing technology section in Eisenberg.

2001, May

HANSA-FLEX thereby extends its range of offerings to include a mobile service. In the middle of the year the mobile hydraulic emergency service FLEXXPRESS and its 26 vehicles, which are deployed throughout Germany, is founded.

2001, November

HANSA-FLEX opens its own training centre to promote the education and training of its own employees. Right next door the Hydraulic Components (HKO) business unit starts operations in Dresden-Weixdorf. In the meantime the company has 167 branches worldwide.

2002, January

The firm Willmann Steuerungstechnik GmbH, which specialises in the construction of units and hydraulic steel construction, is taken over by HANSA-FLEX. In the same month HANSA-FLEX establishes a business unit for special fittings in Dresden-Weixdorf.

2002, Februar

Firmengründer Joachim Armerding scheidet als Geschäftsführer aus dem Unternehmen aus, bleibt dem Unternehmen aber in beratender Funktion erhalten.

2003, November

HANSA-FLEX enters the Chinese market and opens its first branch in Shanghai. Worldwide HANSA-FLEX operates 182 branches in 26 countries. The FLEXXPRESS fleet has grown to more than 50 vehicles.


HANSA-FLEX sets new standards in the procurement of spare parts. At the large VDBUM seminar Thomas Armerding presents the X code. The alphanumeric code identifies all product features of hydraulic connection elements. This is a totally new innovation on the market.

2005, March

HANSA-FLEX opens its 250th branch worldwide in Wächtersbach (Hesse). In the same year the first branch in Canada starts its operations. HANSA-FLEX is now represented in 28 countries with its own branches.


In one step HANSA-FLEX takes over 100 per cent of the firm K+S Hydraulik GmbH in Neulußheim. As a result HANSA-FLEX is now also represented in South Germany with a specialist for unit construction.

2006, May

An outstandingly successful innovation: in just two years over 1,000,000 X codes were sold. In the same year the 100th FLEXXPRESS vehicle goes into service.

2007, July

In the Lower Saxony town of Selsingen the 300th branch worldwide opens. Moreover, the headquarters in Bremen is expanded by more than 1,000 m². The Application Technology Department is housed in the newly created premises, amongst others.

2008, January

The further training program created by HANSA-FLEX and recognised by the Chamber of Commerce for qualification as a state-approved hydraulics expert celebrates the first year of completion of the training.

2008, March

The first XWORLD leaves from Bremen on an adventure tour through Europe and Asia. With this initiative, which is unusual for the industry, HANSA-FLEX intends to bring people and cultures together while promoting mutual understanding.


HANSA-FLEX publishes the practical manual "Hydraulic Line Technology" and thereby creates a standard work that is unique in this form.

2009, October

HANSA-FLEX opens a headquarters in Shanghai (China). With this HANSA-FLEX are pushing forward with their strategic alignment on the Asian market. The Asian headquarters coordinate purchasing, training and production in the region. The central warehouse supplies all branches in the Far East.

2010, April

The 350th branch worldwide is opened in Cuxhaven. At the end of 2010 HANSA-FLEX is represented in 38 countries with its own branches. Globally there are 226 FLEXXPRESS vehicles in use.

2010, August

The old partnership structure is dissolved. HANSA-FLEX GmbH (a limited liability company) becomes HANSA-FLEX AG (a joint-stock company). The company shares are held by the founding families of Armerding and Buschmann. Thomas Armerding becomes the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Uwe Buschmann his Deputy.

2010, September

The second central warehouse in Geisenfeld is opened. The construction of the 8,500 m² second central warehouse is an important step in the growth concept of HANSA-FLEX AG. 138 branches in southern Germany and southern Europe are supplied from here.

2010, October

The 5,000,000th X code is in use and continues to facilitate the procurement of spare parts. The purchaser wins the right to participate in the first stage of the South American XWORLD.

2011, June

The South American XWORLD starts in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

2011, October

HANSA-FLEX is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental management). The company therefore undertakes, amongst other things, to handle resources sustainably and use raw materials effectively.


HANSA-FLEX celebrates its 50th anniversary. 3,000 employees generated a record turnover of €344 million in the 2011 business year. In 39 countries HANSA-FLEX operates 384 branches. Worldwide there are 269 FLEXXPRESS vehicles in use.

2012, January

HANSA-FLEX opens a training branch in Braunatal-Kirchbauna (near Kassel). The entire branch is managed by HANSA-FLEX Group apprentices. The aim is to further increase the already high quality of the training.

2012, April

For the first time in the company's history, HANSA-FLEX AG succeeds in generating an average turnover of one million euros per day within a single month. 

2012, December

Company founder Joachim Armerding establishes the HANSA-FLEX Foundation. Its aim is to promote education and training, including support for students. The foundation's capital amounts to one million euros.

2013, April

The HANSA-FLEX App is available. This provides users with mobile access to branches and services.

2013, September

The HANSA-FLEX online shop opens and makes it easier for customers to purchase products.


Ten years after its introduction, the ten millionth X-CODE is awarded.

2014, April

The HANSA-FLEX headquarters in Bremen is accepted into the "company environment partnership" (puu). This certifies that in terms of environmental protection HANSA-FLEX's performance exceeds statutory requirements.  

2014, November

The third X-WORLD Tour leaves Cairo for an adventurous journey through Africa.

2014, November

Dem im Leitbild verankerten Umweltgedanken folgend, gibt HANSA-FLEX fortan keine Plastiktüten mehr an Kunden aus. Stattdessen werden Pappkartons mit Firmenlogo als Tragehilfen angeboten.

2015, January

HANSA-FLEX opens its 400th subsidiary worldwide in Manresa, Spain.

2015, April

Company founder Joachim Armerding dies at the age of 80. Until his death he was to be found daily in his office at the Bremen HQ, where he supported talented young staff with a lot of heart and commitment within the framework of the foundation he had founded.


HANSA-FLEX meldet Patent auf seine selbstentwickelte, innovative Schneidringlehre an. Diese ermöglicht eine sichere Messung der fachgerechten Montage von Stahlverschraubungen. Seit 2018 ist das Patent offiziell erteilt.

2016, Februar

Das zweite Zentrallager in Geisenfeld wird um 3.500 m² erweitert. Die stetige Expansion sowie die steigende Nachfrage hatten diesen Ausbau erforderlich gemacht. Aus dem Zentrallager Geisenfeld werden rund 160 Niederlassungen im In- und Ausland beliefert.


In its 55th anniversary year, HANSA-FLEX for the first time manages to exceed the turnover threshold of 400 million euros. HANSA-FLEX employs 3,861 people in 422 branches on five continents.

2018, September

In the course of continuous expansion, the space in the Bremen company HQ and the Central Warehouse 1 is no longer sufficient. For this reason HANSA-FLEX has acquired an 18,000 m² site within walking distance from the existing locations, in order to relieve existing capacities and improve internal processes.

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