PHOENIX: More than just a project

"The PHOENIX project is consistently aligned with our customers' growing requirements for our digital service portfolio," explains project manager Alexandra Geibel. "We are bringing the performance and flexibility of our IT systems up to a future-proof level and, in parallel, putting all globally valid business processes to the test to identify which work processes can be improved or made more efficient through digitization. In this way, we are creating the basis for the successful implementation of our overall digitization strategy."


100 employees from all areas

In this highly complex task, the project manager has an experienced IT manager at her side. As multi-project manager, Hans-Joachim Dietrich has taken on the overarching orchestration of all IT-related projects of HANSA-FLEX AG's digitization program in the background. In addition, various external partners and more than 100 national and international HANSA-FLEX AG specialists and managers are actively involved in the PHOENIX project. An internal change management team (KOMPASS) made up of experienced colleagues from various departments accompanies the change processes and supports communication between the project management and the individual specialist departments.


36 main processes and 186 sub-processes put to the test

PHOENIX and its numerous preliminary and sub-projects are divided into four temporal phases. In 2020, the project initialization and planning phases were completed. The organizational level of process analyses and improvements forms the basis and the most important pillar of the PHOENIX project. A total of 36 main processes and 186 sub-processes in all areas of the company are to be revised and implemented by the end of 2022 and finally mapped in the new SAP systems on S/4 HANA.

"We analyzed the processes intensively together with the responsible departments and defined the responsible process owners and process experts for each process," reports Alexandra Geibel. "We held workshops, identified pain points and sharpened the understanding of problems and opportunities for improvement in current processes, set priorities and worked out possible solution approaches."


In 2020, all planned process workshops were held and the entire process matrix - an overview of HANSA-FLEX AG's key national and interna- tional business processes - was completely revised. The departments, project management and the accompanying COMPASS team now have around two years to implement the planned changes at an operational level.


Completed the technical planning phase on schedule

At the technical level, comprehensive compatibility checks and data checks were completed, the migration strategy from SAP R/3 to S/4 and concrete recommendations for further action were formulated. In the first subproject, the migration of the SAP system infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure Cloud and the introduction of the HANA database were realized, and the basic support of the SAP systems was handed over to an external service provider.


Work on the actual migration of the SAP systems to SAP S/4 will begin in spring 2021. The technical migration is to be implemented simultaneously in Germany and in all 27 foreign companies connected to SAP at the end of 2021. After the planned go-live, further process optimizations are to be implemented throughout the year from the beginning of 2022 in order to continuously develop the system further.