Made in Germany – Made by Vielfalt

HANSA-FLEX is committed to diversity and tolerance and sends a signal against xenophobia and racism.


Anti-human populism and political propaganda against minorities are omnipresent today in Germany, the EU and many other countries. We strongly oppose this worrying development and participate in the campaign "Made in Germany - Made by Vielfalt", a nationwide initiative of 50 renowned German family businesses. 


As a colourful mixture of people and cultures from more than 60 nations and global players in 42 countries, we do not tolerate any xenophobic behaviour in our group of companies. With our participation in this campaign, we want to position ourselves in the clearest possible way - for openness to the world, tolerance and diversity and against any kind of hatred or manipulation of mood against foreigners and migrants.


Let us live diversity together on a daily basis and never allow xenophobia and racism to gain the upper hand!

Diversity by HANSA-FLEX

To ensure that our products and services meet the requirements of our various customers, our teams must also be diverse and flexible. We are happy to introduce the people behind our products and services.

P R E S S......R E L E A S E

‘Made in Germany – Made by Diversity’ HANSA-FLEX AG is committed to a nationwide anti-racism initiative

(Bremen, 10 April 2019) HANSA-FLEX AG is one of 50 German family businesses involved in a joint campaign to combat racism and discrimination. 


At HANSA-FLEX, a commitment to appreciation and respect is a key component of our company’s mission statement. Management Board Chairman Thomas Armerding is vehemently dedicated to personally combating all forms of discrimination and racism.

“Here at HANSA-FLEX, we are a colourful mix of people and cultures from over 60 nations and a global player in 42 countries. Especially in these times where there is an unsettling amount of misanthropic populism and political propaganda against minorities, we want to send out a clear message as to the importance of tolerance and open-mindedness.”


The campaign ‘Made in Germany – Made by Vielfalt’ (‘Made in Germany – Made by Diversity’) was created at the instigation of a shareholding partner of the company Vorwerk. In addition to Vorwerk and HANSA-FLEX, multiple other well-known companies are also involved in the initiative, including Otto, Henkel, Bahlsen, Brose, Claas, Würth, Lindner and Krone.



To kick off the campaign, in the final week of March, ads were published in German daily newspapers and billboard posters were displayed in 15 of Germany’s major cities. The companies are also responsible for further activities. Among other things, HANSA-FLEX AG makes reference to the campaign on its website and in its customer and employee magazine ‘Hydraulikpresse’. The hydraulics company has also displayed posters with the campaign motif in all over 200 of its German branches as well as at its numerous production and administrative sites.