Hydraulics means HANSA-FLEX

As a system partner HANSA-FLEX is an expert in the complex overall system of fluid technology and offers a full range of integrated services – from planning and consulting through engineering, unit engineering, the supply of fastening elements and assembly to commissioning and the training of operators. 

  • HANSA-FLEX offers a complete range of more than 75,000 items. All products are guaranteed to impress with their reliable quality standard and generally arrive on site in less than 24 hours. 

  • With X-CODE HANSA-FLEX has developed an identification system that has revolutionised spare parts service. Unscheduled machine downtimes are cut to a minimum. Service that couldn’t be faster and more reliable. 

  • Specialist HANSA-FLEX assembly teams and the Rapid hydraulic service of fully equipped tool and gear trucks are ready to help at any time. This means that all work involving hydraulics can be carried out on the spot. 

  • All processes are organised under the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, so ensuring reliable quality on a long-term basis.

Rapid Hydraulic Service

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Oil and Fluid Analysis


Hose Line Management

Simply use the X-CODE

Gebogene Rohre

Bending Pipes
Customers' Design and Production


Metal hoses.

Highly Durable, also under most Extreme Conditions

Industrial Hoses

Wide Range for your Requirements

International Hydraulics Academy

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Perfectly composed components for your pneumatics project.

Praxishandbuch „Hydraulische Leitungstechnik“

Praxishandbuch "Hydraulische Leitungstechnik"

"Hydraulic line equipment", the practical manual published by HANSA-FLEX, sets standards. Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Wetteborn has written a book that deals clearly and comprehensibly with the essential aspects of hydraulic line equipment. It is indispensable for everyone who wants to make hydraulic line systems more economical and safer as functional components of fixed or mobile hydraulics. more information...


Helmut Wetteborn: Hydraulische Leitungstechnik – Ein Praxishandbuch

(in english:) Hydraulic line equipment – a practical manual
. 832 bound pages, German, € 98.00 incl. VAT, plus shipping costs. ISBN 978-3-88808-703-5


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