Predictive Maintenance

Prevent risks, maintain machines

Predictive maintenance serves to prevent risks and damage and to maintain your machines in the

long term. As work equipment in accordance with the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and

Health (BetrSichV) and EU Work Equipment Directive 2009/104/EC, hydraulic hose assemblies

deserve your special attention.

HANSA-FLEX supports you as a machine operator or maintenance provider with many valuable services

relating to your hydraulic hose lines and the safety of man and machine.

We call the interaction of these services hose management.

Operate hydraulic systems safely and in compliance with the law

Improper use of hose assemblies can result in serious property damage and personal injury. Employers are therefore legally obliged to assess the potential hazards, create suitable remedial measures and carry out and document regular inspections.


We support you in fulfilling these obligations through a perfectly coordinated interplay of hose coding via X-CODE, the X-CODE Manager software and the assembly, maintenance and testing services of the Industrial Service. You can order these services individually or as complete solutions in four different service packages with fixed daily flat rates.


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Strong support for maintenance staff

More work safety

They reduce the risk of accidents and ensure occupational safety for machine operators.

More legal certainty

They comply with the legally prescribed maintenance intervals and document the inspections in a legally compliant manner.

Less downtime

You avoid unscheduled machine downtimes and reduce your costs by avoiding component wear.

More transparency

You always keep track of all parts and deadlines with the hose management software X-CODE Manager.

360° Hose Managament

Hydraulic hose lines are important wearing parts that you, as a maintenance engineer and machine operator,

must always keep in mind. We are happy to take over these tasks for you and take over all the work around

your hydraulic components. You concentrate on your core business, we do it with the hydraulics.


With our hose management services, we support you with all the work around the entire life

cycle of your hydraulic hose lines: