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X-CODE Manager

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The X-CODE Manager in the My.HANSA-FLEX customer portal is the convenient software for the
maintenance of your hydraulic systems. In the X-CODE Manager, you create and manage your individual database

with all the relevant information about your hydraulic hose lines. The software helps you to keep your systems
safe and legally compliant at all times. Benefit from the best overview of machines, components
and deadlines and optimise the forward-looking planning of your maintenance work.


Directly to My.HANSA-FLEX

Say Goodbye to self-made Spreadsheets

The X-CODE Manager can do more for you than any spreadsheet. The browser-based software solution was developed specifically for maintenance and offers you all the important functionalities for managing your hydraulic hose lines. You can use the X-CODE Manager as a desktop version or as a mobile app.


Use the individual digital profile with all relevant information for each individual hose line. Map your machinery in your own folder structures and record data offline directly at the machine. Carry out regular visual inspections yourself in accordance with DGUV and BetrSichV with the help of the inspection module and manage digital inspection records in one central location. Discover many more practical functions for your processes.


All Features in Detail

Only the X-CODE Manager can do this

All Details

Collect all important information about your hose lines digitally in one central place. 

All Machines

Organise your locations, machines and machine components in individual folder structures.



All Dates

Organise all maintenance intervals and inspection dates of your hose assemblies in practical overviews.

All Regulations

Benefit from our legally compliant inspection module for visual inspections in accordance with DGUV and BetrSichV.

Get to know the X-CODE Manager

Uniquely identify by X-CODE

Unmistakable and fault-free.
Proven over a million times.


Hose identification with the X-CODE forms the basis of your predictive maintenance in hydraulics. As a unique alphanumeric code, the X-CODE represents all the characteristics of your hydraulic hose line and, in the future, also of your filter, pressure accumulator or other hydraulic components. In the X-CODE Manager, all X-CODEs are stored and linked to all relevant data and functionalities for maintenance and spare parts ordering.

Your individual database with various functionalities

You have never seen your hose assemblies like this before.

X-CODE Manager offers you many options for the convenient management of your hydraulic hose assemblies. Collect all relevant characteristics for each individual hose assembly in an individual digital profile and add information such as machine assignments, inspection dates and protocols. Organize your predictive maintenance entirely according to your wishes and needs and structure your individual database exactly as you need it.


The X-CODE Manager Cockpit

Your personal control center for
maintenance in hydraulics.

Start your work in the X-CODE Manager on the clearly designed homepage. Navigate intuitively to the different areas to quickly get to the information you need. Gain a daily updated overview of all hose lines, machines and maintenance dates and organize all relevant information around the legally required inspections and legally compliant documentation.

Manage machines

Disassemble your machines into
useful maintenance units.

Use the Machines area for efficient and convenient management of your entire machine fleet. Subdivide your machines into different components in any fine gradation. Assign each hose line precisely to its component and thus optimize the planning of maintenance appointments.

Create folders

Represent the structures of your 
business 1-to-1

Organize your maintenance data in clear, self-defined folders. Sort the information in the desired level of detail, for example, according to locations, departments, production sites, machines or equipment. Represent the structures of your business according to your own wishes in your individual X-CODE Manager database.
(From FLEXIBLE license.)

Search and filter comfortably

Always find everything you need.

Use the comfortable live search across all areas to find all desired information such as X-CODEs, folders, machines or dates quickly and directly. Search your X-CODE overview by any characteristics such as inventory numbers, cost centers or document numbers and perform context searches in filtered results. Reliably search for individual fragments to get all information even about damaged and incomplete X-CODEs.

Schedule dates

Inspecting and replacing in a timely manner is not a coincidence.

Optimize your maintenance planning based on the legally required risk assessment and classification for each individual hose line. Plan and document your service and maintenance appointments in the long term and with foresight, and reorder the required replacement hose lines with just a few mouse clicks.

Perform inspections yourself

Inspect in accordance with
BetrSichV und DGUV.

Use the inspection module in the EXPERT license to perform the recurring visual inspections according to BetrSichV and DGUV on your own without external support. The software guides the a qualified person in accordance with the operational dependability regulation for hydraulic hose lines step by step through the inspection and enables convenient and direct entry of the data without subsequent transmission errors. The inspection module is continuously updated so that you are always up to date with the latest legal requirements.
(From EXPERT license)

Assign rights, manage users

Four roles for any eventuality.

Define customized authorization concepts for your data and thus optimize your processes and workflows in hydraulic maintenance. Assign users one of four different authorization roles - from simple viewing rights to full administration. Define individual viewing rights per user for individual folders.
(From EXPERT license)

Work mobile and offline

Work with the app even where the Internet has to stay outside.

Use the X-CODE Manager in the FLEXIBLE license with your tablet or smartphone directly at the machine. Edit your data in the practical offline mode even where there is no access to the Internet. In this way, you avoid incorrect handwritten entries or transmission errors.
(From FLEXIBLE license)

We gladly do more for you

You don't want to maintain your own database and prefer to hand over the management of your hydraulic hose lines to a specialist on a larger scale? Discover our hose management service packages with numerous services around preventive maintenance and servicing of your equipment.


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Developed with maintenance staff,
to support maintenance staff

The X-CODE Manager stands for 100% practical relevance. Maintenance experts from renowned German companies

have played a significant role in its development. They defined the practical functionalities and challenged our

development teams, especially in terms of speed, security and stability. The result is numerous concrete user

benefits - from practice for practice.

The software runs fast and stable and is scalable at any time.

We have developed the X-CODE Manager for you on an SAP platform.

You benefit from exceptional performance, extremely high stability

and good scalability.


We guarantee data security and data sovereignty.

You can export your X-CODE data to other applications at any time and as

often as you want. Your data is stored exclusively on European servers.

We guarantee that third parties will not gain access to your data.


You are always legally up to date.

We update our inspection module for the legally required visual inspections as soon

as the legal basis has changed. The centrally installed updates are developed in

cooperation with the IHA (Internationale Hydraulik Akademie GmbH).


The software is technically always up to date.

Technical software updates to ensure the functionality of X-CODE Manager on all

platforms are automatically performed and applied centrally - you do not need to

perform any software updates.


Personal support:We are there when you need us. 

Our support team at the HANSA-FLEX headquarters in Bremen will be happy to help you if you

have any questions about the X-CODE Manager. We are available from Monday to Thursday

from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and on Fridays from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. for you.

Call us at 0421 - 48907 766 or send an e-mail to myhansa-flexcom.

The perfect solution for every company

You can use the X-CODE Manager in different license packages within the scope of a Software-as-a-Service

agreement. Your HANSA-FLEX customer consultant will you in selecting the right solution for your company.

Please write us an e-mail at myhansa-flexcom or call us at 0421 - 48907 766, if you do not yet have

a permanent contact person at HANSA-FLEX. You will be contacted by one of our customer

consultants as soon as possible.

You would like to use X-CODE Manager for more users than specified above? You can add as many add-ons as you like for 10 additional users.


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