HANSA-FLEX Subsidiary Sontra-Wichmannshausen, Germany (Hessen)



Am Steinacker 3
36205 Sontra-Wichmannshausen
Germany (Hessen)

Phone:+49 5658 92331 4

Fax (fax):
+49 5658 92331 6

Mobile Service: 0800 77 12345

24 h service:
+49 171 3088166


Opening hours:
Mon - Thu8:00-17:00 h
Fri8:00-16:00 h
  • The whole world of hydraulics: From the classic hose line through to pipelines, components and assemblies
  • We supply all standard hydraulic hoses with the matching fittings and accessories – such as mounting technology, hose protectors or pull-out protection
  • Hydraulic connection technology such as threaded connectors, flanges, ball valves, adapters and couplings
  • All hydraulic components such as hydraulic cylinders, pumps, electric and hydraulic motors
  • Extensive range of spare parts – over 8,000 articles in stock, 10,000 articles available over night
  • Technical advice on the design and optimisation of systems, preventive maintenance or spare parts procurement without any loss of time
  • Thanks to our closely-knit network of subsidiaries, our customers all over the world have access to this offering – individual, fast, and reliable