The HANSA-FLEX branches for your navigation device

Simply navigate to one of our numerous branches worldwide: 

Download our HANSA-FLEX software and install it on your device. 



Simply select the appropriate version for your navigation device. For assistance, please follow the attached links.


If you are using a TomTom, connect the navigation device to an Internet-capable computer or insert a memory card with the downloaded data into a reader. 


Now you can open the TomTom folder with the map material. 

Copy the downloaded HANSA-FLEX file ( to your map folder. Unzip the zip file. 


Activate the HANSA-FLEX POIs in the settings menu under "Manage OVI/OVI (de-)activate". The program will now guide you through the installation process.


For your navigation device you need the file "". Download the file to your computer. Now extract the zip file and save the data ("HANSA-FLEX-Garmin-POI.csv" and "hansa-flex-garmin-poi.bmp") in a directory. Now click on the link below. This will download the Garmin POI Loader, which will now install itself on your computer. 


To provide your navigation device with the data, connect the Garmin to your computer. Start the POI Loader on your computer, select your Garmin device and enter the name of the directory where you saved the unzipped zip files. Now you can call up all HANSA-FLEX branches under the user POIs.



You can also use Google Earth to find our branches. Download the kml file and open it with Google Earth on your computer or smartphone. 


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